Huawei DAYU

Huawei DAYU provides you with intelligent data analysis, metadata management, and intelligent quality monitoring to improve the quality of your data lake.

  • DAYU console provides you with comprehensive one-stop data operation and management capabilities.
Product Advantages
  • Centralized Data Governance

    You can manage metadata, data standards, data quality, and data security all in one place.

  • Broad Compatibility

    EI big data core services like MRS, DWS, DLI, and CloudTable are leveraged for data governance. Multiple big data platforms are supported so Huawei DAYU can handle a wide range of data warehouse requirements.

  • Global Asset Management

    Business assets and technical assets are both managed from a single, powerful platform. A global asset view gives you a bird's eye view of all your data assets, and visualized display makes your data traceable, open, and sharable.

  • Intelligent Data Planning

    Inheriting Huawei's wealth of expertise with data system design over many years, Huawei DAYU helps you design data standards, metrics, and models, all of which guide the middle-end design and ultimately help you standardize data governance.


  • Metadata Management

    Cornerstone of DLG

  • Data Map

    A global view of data assets

Metadata Management

  • Automatic metadata collection from data sources and custom collection policies

  • Periodic scheduling and real-time task monitoring
Data Map

  • Unified management of business and technology assets

  • Asset search, association, classification, and data lineage allowing you to look up assets based on businesses

  • Metric Management

    A powerful tool for managing the quality of business metrics

  • Data Quality Management

    Tool for managing the quality of data in databases

Metric Management

  • Flexible creation of business metrics, rules, and scenarios

  • Real-time and periodic scheduling, addressing data quality monitoring requirements

Data Quality Management

  • Periodic data monitoring and cleansing

  • Support for data cleansing and standardization, and automatic generation of quality rules for data cleansing and standardization based on data standards

  • Support for data analysis from the perspectives of completeness, validity, timeliness, consistency, accuracy, and uniqueness in single column and cross-column, cross-row, and cross-table modes

Application Scenarios
  • Metadata Collection and Asset Analysis

  • Global Quality Management

Metadata Collection and Asset Analysis

Metadata Collection and Asset Analysis

Huawei DAYU automatically associates data with businesses, so you have a more complete view of your information assets, and it is easier to manage assets, trace data sources, and share data.


Abundant Data Sources

Data sources like Hive, DLI, DWS, RDS, and CloudTable are all supported.

Flexible Scheduling

Manual and periodic scheduling are both supported.

Data Source Tracing

Data flows are analyzed based on their relationships so you can respond quickly when there are business data issues.

Global Quality Management

Global Quality Management

DAYU enables you to manage, monitor and improve the quality of your data assets. It provides a diverse range of techniques to analyze and improve services, to better understand your assets and to improve their value.


Flexible Scheduling

Real-time scheduling and periodic scheduling are both supported.

Abundant Data Sources

Data sources like Hive, DLI, DWS, RDS, and CloudTable are all supported.

Overall Data Management

Data analysis, cleansing, and standardization are all supported.


Cleansing and standardization quality rules are automatically generated based on data standards.

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