Data Lake Visualization

Data Lake Visualization (DLV) is a one-stop data visualization platform that adapts to various data sources in the cloud or on-premises. By dragging and dropping 2D and 3D visual components on DLV, you can quickly customize and create a data screen of your own.

Product Advantages
  • Diverse Visual Components

    DLV provides various visual components, including common data charts, graphs, and controls.

  • Professional Display of Geographical Information

    DLV supports display of geographic tracks, flying lines, heatmaps, regions, and 3D globe, and allows layering of geographical data.

  • User-friendly GUI

    DLV allows you to build screens only by drag-and-drop without programming. You can customize the screen size based on the device resolution.

  • Various Data Sources

    DLV can seamlessly integrate with Data Warehouse Service (DWS), Data Lake Insight (DLI), Relational Database Service (RDS), and Object Storage Service (OBS), and supports local CSV files, online API, and the private cloud data of enterprises.

Application Scenarios
  • Security Situation Awareness

Security Situation Awareness

Acute Awareness of Enterprise Security Situations

DLV presents details about every security incident on screen to help trace all security intrusions, which facilitates security incidents handling of cloud enterprises.


Real-time security awareness

Supports real security detection to effectively prevent security events.

Access source tracking

Uses 2D and 3D map components to expose security threat sources.

Related Services





  • Data Connection Management

    Creates and manages data connections and provides dynamic data required for screens.

  • Screen Management

    Creates and manages screens based on different scenario templates.

Data Connection Management

Screen Management

  • Visual Editing

    Uses the canvas, visual interface editor, and screen editing area to lay out components, configure styles, and bind data sources and charts.

  • Public and Encrypted Release

    Allows you to preview screens and even encrypt the screens before publishing them.

Visual Editing

Public and Encrypted Release

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