Product Advantages

Secure and Reliable

DWS protects the data warehouse system and user data privacy and offers first-class security. HA design of DWS ensures high reliability of data and the system.

Easy to Use

A unified console helps you easily manage data warehouses and focus on data and service. Additionally, DWS provides sample data and tools to help you get started quickly.


DWS responds to correlation analysis of trillions of data records in seconds and delivers OLAP analysis, data mining, and self-service analysis capabilities.

Various Import Modes

You can import data from OBS and MRS (HDFS). Working with DIS, DWS helps you quickly and conveniently import stream data using mainstream third-party ETL tools and CDM.

Application Scenarios

  • ETL + BI Analysis

  • E-Commerce

  • IoT

ETL + BI Analysis

Enhanced ETL + Real-Time BI Analysis

The data warehouse is the pillar of the BI system for processing massive volumes of data. It provides powerful business analysis support for IoT, mobile Internet, and gaming.


  • Data Migration

    Efficient and real-time data import in batches from multiple data sources

  • High Performance

    Cost-effective PB-level data storage and second-level response to correlation analysis of trillions of data records

  • Real-Time

    Real-time consolidation of service data for timely optimization and adjustment of operation decision-making

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Huawei Vmall leverages DWS as its data warehouse. Data of online retailers is mainly used for marketing recommendation, operating analysis, and full text search.


  • Multi-Dimensional Analysis

    Analysis from commodities, users, operation, and regions

  • Scale-out as the Business Grows

    On-demand cluster scale-out as the business grows

  • High Reliability Requirements

    Ensured long-term stable running of the e-commerce system with high reliability of DWS

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DWS helps you analyze massive volumes of data in real time. It is widely used in industrial IoT, O2O service system, and IoV solution.


  • Real-Time Archiving of Stream Data

    Batch import of stream data from IoT devices and the gateway to DWS using DIS

  • Device Monitoring and Prediction

    Device monitoring, control, optimization, supply, self-diagnosis, and self-healing based on data analysis and prediction

  • Information Recommendation

    Tailored recommendation based on data of users' connected devices

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High Reliability

Provides various functions to improve the reliability of data warehouse clusters.

  • Supports instance and data redundancy to avoid a single point of failure (SPOF).

  • Provides two data replicas and supports manual data backup to OBS.

  • Automatically isolates faulty nodes, uses the replica to recover data, and supports node replacement.

PB-Level High-Performance

Provides high-performance data warehouses dedicated for enterprises.

  • Uses an MPP-based framework, supports row- and column-based data storage and vectorized executors, and responds to correlation analysis of trillions of data records in seconds.

  • Optimizes the communication between large-scale clusters based on telecommunication technologies, improving data transmission efficiency between compute nodes.

  • Optimizes in-memory computing based on Hash Join of Bloom Filter, improving the performance by 2 to 10 times.

  • Supports cost-based optimization, which helps generate the optimal plan based on cluster scale and data volume, improving the execution efficiency.

Openness and Compatibility

Supports comprehensive SQL capabilities and smooth application migration.

  • Supports SQL 92 and SQL 2003 standards, complete transaction processing capabilities, and stored procedures.

  • Compatible with the PostgreSQL ecosystem and supports interconnection authentication with mainstream database ETL and BI tools provided by third-party vendors.

Monitoring and Audit

Controls service usage and status.

  • Integrates with CTS to allow you to audit all operations performed on the DWS management console and API invocation.

  • Records all SQL operations, involving connection attempts, queries, and database changes.

  • Integrates with Cloud Eye to allow you to monitor compute nodes and databases in the cluster.

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