Data Warehouse Service

Data Warehouse Service (DWS) is the cloud form of Huawei GaussDB and is compatible with the standard ANSI SQL 99/2003 and PostgreSQL/Oracle ecosystems, providing state of the art PB-level big data analysis across a variety of industries.

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Product Advantages
  • Secure and Reliable

    Integrates with Database Security Service (DBSS) to better protect user privacy and data security with network isolation and security group rule setting options. Adopts HA design and transparent data encryption to ensure high data and system reliability.

  • Easy to Use

    A unified console helps you easily manage data warehouses and focus on data and service. DWS is compatible with Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Teradata so you have the freedom to choose. Simple-to-use database migration tool allows you to smoothly move heterogeneous databases over with complete confidence.

  • Efficient

    Supports real-time data import to databases, T+0 agile service analysis and decision-making, and correlation analysis on at-scale data within seconds. Provides enterprise-class capabilities such as OLAP analysis, statistics analysis, and self-service analysis.

  • Various Import Modes

    Batch import of data from OBS and MRS adds speed and efficiency. Working with DIS, CS, and DLI, DWS helps you quickly and conveniently import streaming data. The service also uses third-party ETL and CDM for data migration and supports real-time data writing using Copy interfaces driven by JDBC.

Application Scenarios
  • Data Warehouse Migration

  • Converged Big Data Analysis

  • ETL + BI Analysis

  • Real-Time Data Analysis

Data Warehouse Migration

Data Warehouse Migration

The data warehouse is an important data analysis system for enterprises. As the service volume grows, performance of self-built data warehouses cannot meet the actual service requirements due to their poor scalability and high costs. As an enterprise-class data warehouse on the cloud, DWS features high performance, low cost, and easy scalability, satisfying requirements in the big data era.


Seamless Migration

DWS provides various migration tools to ensure seamless migration of popular data analysis systems such as Teradata, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Greenplum, and Impala.

Compatibilities with Traditional Data Warehouses

DWS supports the SQL 2003 standard and stored procedures. It is compatible with some Oracle syntax and data structures, and can be seamlessly interconnected with common BI tools, smoothing service migration efforts.

High Security and Reliability

DWS supports data encryption and interconnection with DBSS to ensure data security on the cloud, as well as automatic full and incremental backup of data to improve data reliability.

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Converged Big Data Analysis

Converged Big Data Analysis

Data has become the most important asset. Enterprises must be able to integrate their data resources and analysis platforms with high precision to mine the full value of their data. In predictive analysis use cases, massive volumes of data must be processed. Huawei DWS delivers the needed processing power to handle these intense compute scenarios.


Unified Analysis Entry

The DWS SQL serves as the unified entry of upper-layer applications, so that application developers can access all data using the SQL.

Real-Time Interactive Analysis

Analysis personnel can obtain immediately-actionable information about an analysis request from the big data platform in real time.

Auto Scaling

Adding nodes allows you to easily expand into PB-range capacity while enhancing query and analysis performance of the system.

ETL + BI Analysis

Enhanced ETL + Real-Time BI Analysis

The data warehouse is the pillar of the BI system for collecting, storing, and analyzing massive volumes of data. It powers business decision analysis for the IoT, finance, education, mobile Internet, and O2O industries.


Data Migration

Ability to import data in batches in real time from multiple data sources.

High Performance

Cost-effective PB-level data storage and response to correlation analysis of trillions of data records within seconds.


Real-time consolidation of service data to produce actionable insights in operational decision-making.

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Real-Time Data Analysis

Real-Time Data Analysis

In the mobile Internet and IoT domains, huge volumes of data must be processed and analyzed in real time to extract the full value from data. The quick data import and query capabilities of DWS accelerate data analysis capabilities to enable real-time ingestion, processing, and value generation.


Real-Time Import of Streaming Data

Data from IoT and Internet applications can be written into DWS in real time after being processed by the stream computing and AI services.

Real-Time Monitoring and Prediction

Device monitoring, control, optimization, supply, self-diagnosis, and self-healing based on data analysis and prediction.

Converged AI Analysis

You can conduct correlation analysis on results of image and text data analysis (by AI services) and other service data on DWS.


  • High Reliability

    Provides various functions to improve the reliability of data warehouse clusters.

  • PB-Level High-Performance

    Provides high-performance data warehouses dedicated for enterprises.

High Reliability

  • Built-in redundancy at the instance and data level avoids potential single points of failure (SPOFs), adding robustness to the service mix.

  • Provides multiple data replicas and supports manual data backup to OBS.

  • Automatically isolates faulty nodes, uses the replica to recover data, and supports node replacement.

  • Automatic incremental backup ensures data reliability at zero cost.

PB-Level High-Performance

  • Uses a MPP-based computing framework, and supports hybrid row-column storage and vectorized executors, as well as SQL 03 analysis functions.

  • Adopts in-memory computing, MPP and SMP technologies, and LLVM, improving performance by 2-10 times.

  • Optimizes the communication between large-scale clusters based on telecommunication technologies, improving data transmission efficiency between compute nodes.

  • Cost-based optimizer generates an optimal execution plan based on cluster scale and data volume for supercharged efficiency.

  • Openness and Compatibility

    Supports comprehensive SQL capabilities and smooth application migration.

  • Monitoring and Audit

    Controls service usage and status.

Openness and Compatibility

  • Supports SQL 92 and SQL 2003 standards, complete transaction processing capabilities, and stored procedures.

  • One-click schema migration tool and SQL code conversion for heterogeneous databases like Oracle and MySQL.

  • Compatible with the PostgreSQL ecosystem and supports interconnection with mainstream database ETL and BI tools provided by third-party vendors.

  • Compatible with Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Teradata.

Monitoring and Audit

  • Integrates with CTS to allow you to audit all operations performed on the DWS management console and API calls.

  • Integrates with Cloud Eye to allow you to monitor compute nodes and databases in the cluster.

  • Records all SQL operations, involving connection attempts, queries, and database changes.

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