Features Features

  • Sales Forecasting

    Forecasts the product sales volume using sales, holiday, and weather data to reduce goods preparation and inventory costs.

  • Process Parameter Optimization

    Finds the phases where problems may occur and analyzes process parameter optimization points based on the manufacturing process, environment, and after-sales data.

  • Energy Conservation

    Provides refined control of devices with high energy consumption based on service models.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Predicts whether and when a system fault will occur based on current and historical events and device status.

Transformations Transformations

  • Device-Edge-Cloud Synergy

    Delivers IoT device data collection, model training on cloud, and automatic edge control.

  • Digitalization for Intelligence

    Intelligent analysis capabilities are becoming the new driving force in digitalization.

  • Innovation from Data Collaboration

    Collaboration between product design and sales data, as well as between upstream and downstream data of the industry chain create new competitive edges.

Practices Practices

Product Quality Improvement Intelligent Device Maintenance Production Material Estimation
Product Quality Improvement

Product Quality Improvement

Sorts and analyzes customer feedback, Internet comments, competitor reviews and performance, repair records, and historical sales data to discover critical product issues, optimize product designs, and improve the product quality.


Multi-Data-Source Integration
Explore data from multiple sources without data format conversion and with easy actions to find the value you are looking for.

Multiple Built-in Algorithms
You can use existing time series algorithms to forecast defects in products, especially high-quality products.

Professional-grade Data Warehouses
Data warehouses with multi-dimensional analysis capabilities on applications equate to accelerated response to requests.

Intelligent Device Maintenance

Intelligent Device Maintenance

Uses forecasting and reasoning methods such as time series forecast, neural network forecast, and regression analysis to predict faults, the anticipated time of occurrence, and fault type. This design improves service O&M efficiencies, reduces equipment downtime, and saves on onsite service costs.


Flexible Access to Multiple Parameters
Builds the fault forecast model based on historical monitoring data, device parameters, current status, and other characteristics, and implements preliminary key parameter analysis for the predicted problems.

Algorithm Pre-integration
Supports professional prediction algorithms; pre-integrates general algorithms in the industrial domain, such as the decision tree, classification, clustering, regression, and exception detection algorithms; supports flexible exporting or loading of the training model to the rule engine so alarms can be generated almost instantaneously.

Production Material Estimation

Production Material Estimation

Accurately analyzes and estimates the materials required for production based on historical data, reducing the warehousing period and improving efficiencies.


In-Depth Algorithm Optimization
Implements in-depth optimization based on the industry's time series algorithm model and Huawei's supply chain.

One-Click Release
Pre-integrates machine learning and the reasoning platform. Applications can be released in one click using the algorithm model, reducing the amount of work in secondary development.

Solution Architectures Solution Architectures

Technical Advantages Technical Advantages

  • Device-Edge-Center Synergy

    Delivers IoT device data collection, model training, and automatic edge control.

  • Visualized Modeling

    Provides a graphical drag-and-drop mode for data loading, feature extraction, and modeling. Presents every intermediate result in a report.

  • Extensive Preconfigured Algorithm Models

    Preconfigures more than 100 professional algorithms in the machine learning and deep learning services based on industrial and Huawei practices so customers can get set up quick with schemes ready to use out of the box.