Elastic IP

The Elastic IP (EIP) service enables you to use static public IP addresses and scalable bandwidths to connect your cloud resources to the Internet. You can easily bind an EIP to an ECS, BMS, virtual IP address, NAT gateway, or load balancer, enabling immediate Internet access.

Dynamic BGP bandwidth: Starting from ¥23.00/Mbit/s-month

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Product Advantages
  • Ease of Use

    You can easily bind and unbind EIPs on the console. You can also dynamically scale the bandwidth included in the EIP subscription to meet changing requirements.

  • Flexible Billing

    EIPs are available on a pay-per-use (bandwidth usage or amount of traffic is billed) and yearly/monthly basis.

  • Shared Bandwidth

    You can configure multiple EIPs to share the same bandwidth and thereby streamline costs.

  • Immediate Effectiveness

    The EIP binding and unbinding operations, and bandwidth adjustments that you perform take effect immediately.

Application Scenarios
  • Internet Egress

Internet Egress

Internet Access

An EIP is a static IP address that is reachable from the Internet. You can bind an EIP to your cloud resource to enable communication with the Internet.



You can easily unbind an EIP from a cloud resource and bind it to another cloud resource. This allows you to use the EIP quota to meet changing service requirements.


Yearly/monthly subscriptions and shared bandwidth help reduce costs.

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  • Flexibility

    EIPs can be individually purchased and flexibly used.

  • High-Speed Bandwidth

    Both dynamic and static BGP protocols are provided to meet different requirements.


  • Individual purchase

    EIPs can be purchased separately. They do not need to be purchased together with any other cloud resource.

  • Flexible use

    An EIP can be flexibly bound to or unbound from any ECS, BMS, NAT gateway, load balancer, or virtual IP address.

High-Speed Bandwidth

  • Dynamic BGP bandwidth

    A maximum of 21 concurrent connections to multiple carriers over the dynamic BGP protocol reduce network latency and ensure network stability.

  • Static BGP bandwidth

    Connections to multiple carriers over static BGP protocol ensure high-speed connectivity and cost-effective bandwidth.

  • Low Cost

    Shared bandwidth reduces cost.

  • Easy Management

    EIPs can be managed easily.

Low Cost

  • Shared bandwidth

    Multiple EIPs can use the same share bandwidth to improve bandwidth usage and lower O&M costs.

  • Shared data package

    Save money by having your bandwidth fees automatically deducted from a package.

Easy Management

  • Instant modification

    The billing mode and bandwidth modifications on pay-per-use EIPs take effect immediately.

  • Easy to use

    EIPs can be easily managed on the console or using APIs.

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