CloudDeploy provides visualized, one-click deployment services and supports parallel deployment and CloudPipeline integration. This standardizes the deployment environment and automates the deployment process.

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One-Click Deployment

Customer Challenge

The existing deployment tools require a long learning curve and are not easy to use.


Use templates to create deployment tasks with a single click. Use predefined templates for widely-used technologies or customize your own for special requirements.

Parallel Deployment

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Manual deployment is slow and cannot be performed on multiple hosts simultaneously.


Run deployment task on multiple hosts or host groups simultaneously. Access multiple hosts to check the deployment logs.

CloudPipeline Integration

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The delivery process is not streamlined due to lack of links among various stages. It is slow in response to new requirements.


Arrange deployment tasks in parallel or serial for quicker deployment.


CloudDeploy provides one-click, automatic deployment services. The visualized deployment supports most widely-used programming languages and technologies and eliminates the need to install software agents on deployed hosts. Parallel deployment and CloudPipeline integration standardize the deployment environment and automate the deployment process.

Application Scenarios

Deploying Web Applications and Micro Services


Developers need to compile, build, and deploy simple web applications and micro services. Deployment of simple web applications and micro services. Supported programming languages include Tomcat, Java, Python, NodeJS, Go, PHP, and Ruby.

Deploying Large-Scale Application Software and Websites


Developers need to deploy a large number of components and micro services in large-scale Linux-based application software and websites. Deployment templates containing customized scripts and parameters are required. CloudPipeline is also required to automatically deploy various components of the entire system.

Function Description

Host Management

Add and delete authorization information on target hosts and add hosts and host groups in batches.

Deployment Templates

Upload deployment scripts, create and define deployment tasks, and set deployment and execution parameters in customizable deployment templates.

Deployment Tasks

One-click deployment with provided or customized templates, as well as advanced editing functions so that you can modify deployment parameters and input execution parameters as required.

Task Orchestration

Integration with CloudPipeline. Create parallel or serial tasks for automatic execution, and check the execution status, logs, and reports for all tasks.

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