Business Challenges
  • Mushrooming Volumes

    The mobile Internet has made it easy to take and share images. The mushrooming number of images means requirements on storage resources are ever-escalating.

  • Large User Base

    As the number of users increases, the throughput of software is gradually becoming a service bottleneck during peak hours.

  • Higher Pixelation

    With the increasing number of pixels on cameras on mobile phones, image processing, such as image transcoding and thumbnail generation, consumes more computing resources.

  • Complicated Algorithms

    New image formats improve the compression ratio, while greatly increasing the algorithm complexity and prolonging the software processing, undermining user experience.

Product Advantages
  • High Performance

    Accelerates image encoding and decoding and pixel processing through FPGA computing. For example, with FPGA, the JPEG image decoding, scaling, and encoding processes are completed up to five times faster than that of traditional CPU servers, and the computing delay is reduced by more than three times.

  • Low Cost

    Reduces CPU resource consumption and the total cost of ownership (TCO), and increases the computing performance of data centers.

  • High Versatility

    Supports both ImageMagick and OpenCV, two types of mainstream open-source software for image processing. Retains software flexibility and customization while greatly improving the system processing performance. You can enjoy the service without having to change the layout in your systems and programs.

Application Scenarios
  • Image processing

Image processing

Image Processing Acceleration

FPGA-based image processing acceleration uses the hardware flow design and parallel tasks to greatly improve the image processing performance of the server. It can be widely used in cloud albums, image social platforms, UGC platforms, portals, news apps, and e-commerce platforms.


6+ Times Higher Performance

Test results show that the FP1 single-card instance provides 3 to 10 times higher performance than CPU VMs of the same specifications in JPG image processing.

Flexible and Programmable

Compared with the ASIC hardware, FPGA is flexible and programmable. It is suitable for applying coding algorithms to hardware when the coding standard changes constantly. You can deploy the JPG, Webp, and HEIF algorithms as needed.


Compared with encoding servers of self-built data centers, the FPGA Image Transcoding Acceleration service enables you to expand capacity during peak hours and process abrupt traffic on the cloud.

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Recommended Configurations

FP1c (basic)

FP1c (basic)


  • vCPUs 8
  • Memory 88 GB
  • FPGA 1 VU9P


  • Cloud album
  • Image social platform
  • e-commerce platform
  • Portal

FP1c (multi-card)

FP1c (multi-card)


  • vCPUs 32/64
  • Memory 352 GB/704 GB
  • FPGA 4 VU9P/8 VU9P


  • Cloud album
  • Image social platform
  • e-commerce platform
  • Portal

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