Intelligent EdgeFabric

Intelligent EdgeFabric (IEF) provides integrated edge-cloud synergy services, and enables remote control, data processing, and analytics of edge computing resources.

Product Advantages
  • Intelligent

    Supports intelligent video analytics, big data processing, and function services to provide real-time edge intelligent services within close proximity.

  • Agile

    Provides edge applications and serverless environments, simplifies application development and deployment, and quickly deploys edge applications.

  • Security

    Securely connects edge nodes to HUAWEI CLOUD, and securely migrates application data to HUAWEI CLOUD.

  • Openness

    Open data access capabilities support various types of device data recording and standard APIs.

Application Scenarios
  • Public Safety Monitoring

  • Visual Product Inspections

  • Predictive Maintenance

Public Safety Monitoring

Public Safety Monitoring

Pre-processing of edge-side videos through real time surveillance can predict incidents and take appropriate action, monitor the situation, and track the results.


Real-time Awareness

HUAWEI CLOUD + IEF supports intelligent security systems on campuses, making campuses more visible, controllable, and manageable.

High Efficiency and Intelligence

Pre-processing of edge-side video, combined with intelligent cloud video analytics, accurately and efficiently locates suspicious situations.

Centralized Control

Videos are linked with firefighting and access control, allowing automatically displayed alarms, centralized dispatch, and rapid response.

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Visual Product Inspections

Visual Product Inspections

In industrial manufacturing, IEF combines cloud modeling and edge decision-making to achieve automatic visual inspection, moving away from traditional manual visual inspections.


Improved Efficiency

The edge-side visual model trained in the cloud features real-time product prediction, improving detection efficiency and product quality.

Lightweight Programming

Service logic can be executed through edge applications that are flexibly created based on containers and functions.

Unified Device Management

IEF delivers models and monitors device status in a unified manner.

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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

In industrial IoT, IEF improves real-time visualization on large appliances for heterogeneous access and pre-processing, and combines with cloud MLS to predict device faults for O&M improvement.


High Compatibility

Supports typical protocols used in industrial scenarios.

Efficient Processing of Massive Data

Edges quickly pre-process massive data and use edge model predictions to improve device O&M efficiency and shorten the unexpected downtime.

Edge-Cloud Synergy

Model training in the cloud, edge model prediction, and synergy between application development and service deployment.

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  • Edge Node Access

    Convenient and secure access to massive edge computing nodes, unified management, monitoring, and O&M in the cloud.

  • Lifecycle Management

    Huawei and third-party applications are distributed to edge nodes, and uninstalled, updated, monitored, and recorded.

Edge Node Access

Lifecycle Management

  • Edge-Cloud Channel

    Edge-side stream and object data is efficiently transferred to the cloud-side DIS and OBS.

  • Edge Flow Processing

    IEF provides real-time flow processing through flow processing task management in the cloud and flow running on edges.

Edge-Cloud Channel

Edge Flow Processing

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