Features Features

  • Robot Assistants

    Utilizes automobile industry knowledge to empower pre-sales, post-sales, and outbound call scenarios.

  • Real-Time Route Planning

    Plans stops and routes in minutes, improving the passenger seat occupancy and reducing the number of the dispatched vehicles and the driving distance.

  • Real-Time Vehicle Location Monitoring

    Provides geo-fencing and yaw and overspeed detection algorithms to monitor vehicle locations and status in real time, enabling intelligent driving and reducing operation costs.

  • Intelligent Behavior Detection

    Assists in fleet management and safe driving with facial recognition and driving behavior detection.

Transformations Transformations

  • Reactive to Real-Time Preventive Monitoring

    Vehicle status and locations are monitored in real time to mitigate security risks and reduce costs.

  • Human to Intelligent Agent Reaction Time

    AI safeguards drivers and passengers.

  • Manual to Automatic Planning

    Intelligent planning and robot assistants reduce manual effort, enabling a seamless driving experience.

Practices Practices

Biometric Locks Geo-fencing Real-Time Route Planning Robot Assistants
Biometric Locks

Biometric Locks

Performs 3D modeling for drivers' front face images using infrared cameras and edge- and cloud-based deep learning capabilities to complete facial recognition and liveness detection to accurately identify drivers and quickly return results.


Precise Recognition

Recognition algorithms can adapt to complex scenarios to achieve accurate recognition.

Ultra-low Latency

Individual facial recognition in milliseconds



Checks whether vehicles are parked in the specified areas and report parking violations in real time.


Low Latency

The address library with millions of locations enables detection in milliseconds and real-time alarms.

Easy to Use

Simple APIs

Irregular Polygons

Support for arbitrary irregular polygons

Real-Time Route Planning

Real-Time Route Planning

Uses heuristic graph algorithms for real-time stop estimation and planning and adjusts route planning based on the planned stops to meet requirements of scenarios such as overtime vehicle scheduling, carpooling, and logistics delivery.


High Planning Efficiency

Shorten planning duration from days to minutes.

Increased Seat Occupancy

Increase passenger seat occupancy by over 80%.


Reduce the number of the dispatched vehicles and the driving distance.

Robot Assistants

Robot Assistants

Adopts the natural language understanding platform based on deep learning and the knowledge graph to provide precise answers to questions, assistance to sales, recommendations for vehicle maintenance and insurance, and troubleshooting.


Precise Q&A

Automobile industry knowledge based on an unstructured corpus to deliver precise Q&A

24/7 One-Stop Services

Robots integrated with WeChat, apps, websites, and automobile dealership systems

Natural Language Mining

Automatic mining of synonyms and similar questions

Visualized Background Operation Management

Hot topic clustering, seamless closed-loop transfers to manual processing, and public opinion analysis

Technical Advantages Technical Advantages

  • Accurate Algorithms

    Optimized algorithms improve the precision of facial recognition and intelligent Q&A.

  • Excellent Performance

    High-performance GPUs, optimized deep learning platforms, and Huawei-developed large-scale graph engine technologies

  • Ease of Use

    Simple and one-stop Internet of Vehicles (IoV) suites as well as visualized and auxiliary APIs facilitate third-party application integration