Log Analysis Service

Log Analysis Service (LOG) offers you a fast, easy-to-use end-to-end (E2E) log analysis platform to perform one-stop analysis of massive real-time log data. It covers data collection, intelligent analysis and visualization, and dumping of real-time log data.

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Product Advantages
  • Easy of Use

    Allows you to easily build a one-stop log analysis platform without programming. On the platform, you can perform log data collection, cleaning, retrieval, report analysis, and dashboard display. The whole process takes only several minutes.

  • Free O&M

    Adopts the serverless architecture to perform log retrieval and dashboard display once data is ingested, eliminating the need to learn internal principles and underlying resources.

  • Auto Scaling

    Performs automatic sharding based on the real-time traffic and storage usage without customer awareness, and periodically conducts data aging based on your requirements.

  • High Performance

    Performs query and analysis of data once written into the system, returns results for a query of hundreds of millions of data records in seconds, displays reports in seconds, and supports scheduled report update.

Application Scenarios
  • Log Search and Analysis

Log Search and Analysis

Log Analysis

This one-stop intelligent log data analysis platform provides log indexing, sharding, and analysis so you can search, visualize, and maintain O&M logs with intelligence.


Real-time Search

From data indexing to search, this end-to-end solution finds your data in just seconds.

Statistical Analysis

Over 20 statistical analysis methods are supported and results are displayed using tables, line charts, heat maps, or cloud maps.

APM Acceleration

You can aggregate fine-grained time series data into coarse-grained data in advance, improving the drill up and drill down performance.

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