HUAWEI CloudLink Meeting
Meeting Service helps you better communicate with others and build collaborative relationships with business partners and customers. With simple and efficient videoconferencing services, Meeting Service delivers consistent experience to mobile terminals, PCs, and professional conference room devices.
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Applicable to Diversified Scenarios
Meeting Service is applicable to a variety of scenarios.

Remote business negotiation across enterprises, communication and collaboration across regions, remote training inside or outside enterprises, and remote interview

Enterprise Application

Remote financial expert, financial promotion in communities, and mobile banking


Remote specialist consultation, remote diagnosis, remote health management, remote visit, and remote medical education


Remote interactive classroom, remote expert guidance, cooperation between schools, and cooperative teaching


Remote petition, video service hotline, video-based inspection, and remote fault diagnosis

Government, Energy, and Manufacturing
Various Easy-to-Use Conference Control Functions
Meeting Service provides rich multimedia collaboration functions, flexible methods of joining conferences, simplified conference control operations, and consistent experience on various types of terminals to deliver quality conferencing services.

Multimedia Collaboration

In conferences, participants can communicate through multiple methods, such as audio, video, messaging, desktop/program/document sharing, and whiteboard.

Easy to Join

Meeting Service allows users to schedule conferences and instantly start conferences. Users can join conferences by dialing the access number, clicking the access link in the notification email, or using Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Simplified Control

Meeting Service supports various conference control operations, including setting continuous presence by one click, broadcasting a site, enabling voice activation, giving the floor to a site, muting/unmuting the microphone of a site, and adding/deleting a site.

Consistent Experience

You can access Meeting Service using Huawei TE series endpoints, Huawei soft clients running on Windows/Mac PCs and iOS/Android mobile devices, and PSTN devices.

Multimedia Collaboration
Easy to Join
Simplified Control
Consistent Experience
Powerful Offerings, Stress-free Experience
Meeting Service provides you with premium, efficient, and comprehensive conference services. It is converged, secure, open, and experience-centric.
Supports 1080p HD video, high-fidelity lip synchronization, patented bandwidth-saving technology, and intelligent network adaption to ensure satisfying conference services.
Applies to various scenarios and allows the access of terminals of different types and vendors through multiple channels.
Builds security systems at the application, system, network, physical, and management layers to provide secure and reliable services.
Provides a wide array of open capabilities for both simple integration and deep customization to meet customer requirements.
Free Trial
Seven enterprise members, each with a conference account
Three terminals allowed to access a conference
A maximum of 10 participants in each conference
Free trial for 30 days
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Business Packages
Number of conference participants = Number of user accounts + Number of terminals that can be connected
Determine the expiration time based on the duration you have purchased

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