Seamless Communication, Effortless Collaboration
  • Device-Cloud Synergy

  • HD Video

  • Efficient Collaboration

  • Intelligent Assistance

  • Stable & Secure

Device-Cloud Synergy

Device-Cloud Synergy

Stay connected anytime, anywhere with any supported soft client or hard terminal.

Reach out to local users thanks to our global conferencing systems, deployed in five regions and 30+ cities around the globe.

Don't settle for second best with our stable dedicated networks for media transmission and support for six carriers in China.

HD Video

HD Video

1080p HD conferencing with ultra-low latency and bandwidth delivers an immersive experience.

View or broadcast video and change the video layout on demand.

With live broadcast, recording, and minutes, you won't miss anything important of a meeting.

Efficient Collaboration

Efficient Collaboration

Share and annotate on content of all types (audio, video, desktop, program, or document).

Co-author a meeting on the shared whiteboard, which allows on-demand changes that can be saved for later use.

Help a friend in need with the remote assistance function.

Intelligent Assistance

Intelligent Assistance

Enjoy quality services thanks to voice control, speaker tracking, facial recognition functions.

No account? No problem! Scan the QR code or click the link to join a meeting both inside and outside of your enterprise.

Control your meetings with simple management options, including various functions and a user-friendly GUI.

Stable & Secure

Stable & Secure

Over 20 global security certifications for enterprise-class security assurance.

Everything of chips, devices, software, and systems under control because they are all homegrown by Huawei.

Security guarantee for service data, management mechanisms, network devices, and access policies.

Work with Customers to Solve Their Pain Points in Collaboration
  • Can we have meetings across regions at lower costs?

    Solution: rental instead of construction; monthly subscription and flexible capacity expansion; simplified deployment with lower maintenance cost

  • Are on-the-go meetings possible?

    Solution: joining meetings online with smartphones (Android/iOS) or PCs (Windows/Mac) anytime, anywhere to communicate like face to face

  • Can remote collaboration be more efficient?

    Solution: efficient collaboration with crystal-clear audio, HD video, and easy data sharing in cross-regional meetings; a full lineup of meeting terminals supported

  • Can we easily have meetings with other enterprises?

    Solution: sharing meeting information with just one click/tap and easily joining meetings by meeting link or ID in just a few seconds (no login needed); security mechanisms at four layers

Extensive Terminals Available for Meeting Rooms of all Kinds
  • Mobile Meeting Room - Cloud

    Video conferencing on smartphones (Android/iOS) or PCs (Windows/Mac)

    Application Scenario

    Business trip | Home

    Supporting device: Huawei Meeting client

    • Remote office, access within seconds
    Hot configuration
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  • Small Meeting Room - Cloud + Device

    HD video conferencing for 3 to 5 participants in a room up to 10 square meters in size

    Application Scenario

    Project progress report | Remote video interview | Remote team access to high-level meetings

    Supporting device: TE10/20

    • "6-in-1" design, fast deployment in just 1 minute
    Hot configuration
  • Medium-Sized Meeting Room - Cloud + Device

    HD video conferencing for 10 to 20 participants in a room up to 20 square meters in size

    Application Scenario

    Medium-sized training | Department meeting | Branch access to high-level meetings

    Supporting device: TE30

    • Integrated design, suitable for small- and medium-sized enterprise meeting rooms
    • Built-in 12x optical zoom camera, HD codec, microphone, and Wi-Fi
    Hot configuration
  • Large-Sized Meeting Room - Cloud + Device

    HD video conferencing for 20 to 30 participants in a room up to 30 square meters in size

    Application Scenario

    Large-scale training | Whole-department meeting | High-level meeting

    Supporting device: TE40/50/60

    • A full lineup of video ports such as HDMI, DVI, and 3G-SDI; external camera (even intelligent tracking camera) and microphone; continuous presence; easy addition of new microphones
    Hot configuration
  • Telepresence Meeting Room - Cloud + Device

    IMAX conferencing for 10 to 20 participants in a room up to 20 square meters in size

    Application Scenario

    Small-scale high-level meeting | Triple-screen immersive telepresence meeting

    Supporting device: TP series

    • 5760 x 1080 HD ultra-wide images, unique panoramic image technology for co-optical center camera
    • Immersive experience with AAC-LD three-channel sound localization technology
    Hot configuration
  • Collaborative Telepresence Meeting Room - Cloud + Device

    Intelligent, collaborative, and ultra-HD meeting room

    Application Scenario

    Remote office | Smart education | Remote healthcare | Branch collaboration | Remote meeting

    Supporting device: CloudLink Board/Box/Bar

    • Seamless integration with AI technology to help enterprises achieve efficient communication and effortless collaboration
    Hot configuration


Cloud Meeting Room
  • One administrator assigned to each cloud meeting room
  • Five types: 10/25/50/100/200-party
  • Fixed ID using which users join meetings at any time
  • Purchased together with concurrent participants
  • Tel: 4000-955-988
Concurrent Participants
  • User accounts added on demand after the concurrent count is purchased
  • User accounts 10 times of the concurrent count allowed at most
  • Conferencing available for all user accounts
  • Number of participants in ongoing meetings no greater than the purchased concurrent count

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