Media Processing Center

Media Processing Center (MPC) provides cost-effective, efficient, flexible multimedia transcoding and processing services for converting audio and video content into a variety of formats for playback on PCs, TVs, and mobile devices.

Product Advantages
  • Cost Effective

    Reduce bandwidth costs by 20% to 30% by delivering high definition at a low bit rate, and for the same subjective image quality.

  • Accessible

    Provide mature, comprehensive SDKs and open APIs for quick access.

  • Fast Transcoding

    Process a one-hour media file in just 10 minutes with parallel transcoding, and publish content quickly.

  • Scalable

    Add functionality as needed. Create watermarks, thumbnails, and custom templates, or use preset or intelligent templates.

Application Scenarios
  • Media Transcoding

Media Transcoding

Stable, Professional Transcoding

A one-stop solution that integrates audio and video upload, automatic transcoding, and download acceleration to help you quickly build secure, elastic, customizable applications.


High Customizability

Customize transcoding templates to convert media files into HLS, DASH, or MP4 files with different resolutions, bit rates, and frame rates.

Intelligent Inspection

Identify problems with the source video files automatically, and generate clips for manual review.

Higher Definition and Lower Bit Rate

Enjoy higher definition and better quality for a given bit rate, or use a lower bit rate for smoother playback with the same definition.

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  • Media Transcoding

    MPC supports all mainstream formats (H.264 and H.265; HLS, DASH, and MP4). Thumbnails and watermarks are available.

  • Quality Inspection

    Automatic video quality inspection can identify common quality problems and generate clips for manual review.

  • One-in Multiple-out

    A single transcoding task can output up to 12 channels, each with a different resolution and format.

Media Transcoding

Quality Inspection

One-in Multiple-out

  • Various Templates

    You can use a variety of preset and custom templates to meet diverse transcoding requirements.

  • Message Notification

    An integrated messaging service notifies you of the status of your transcoding tasks.

Various Templates

Message Notification

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