Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) provides APIs related to natural language, such as APIs related to word splitting, named entity recognition, keyword extraction, short text similarity, and more. You can apply it in various scenarios, such as intelligent Q&A, public opinion analysis, and content recommendation.

Pay-per-use billing and packages are available. Fees start as low as ¥0.0015/API call.

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Product Advantages
  • Wide-range Functionalities

    NLP provides you with a variety of conventional natural language algorithms and solutions that cover a wide range of demands in different domains.

  • Efficient & Accurate

    NLP helps you quickly analyze large-sized texts, understand the semantics, and accurately extract key information from them.

  • Ease of Use

    NLP provides easy-to-use APIs that can be used on multiple platforms, without the need to download the SDK or purchase servers.

  • Stable & Reliable

    NLP delivers service availability up to 99.95% with automatic fault migration and 99.99995% data durability with multiple data copies.

Application Scenarios
  • Intelligent Q&A System

  • Public Opinion Analysis

  • Content Recommendation

Intelligent Q&A System

Intelligent Q&A System

Through techniques such as Chinese word splitting, short text similarity, named entity recognition, etc, to compute the similarity of a pair of questions, which can solve problems such as Q&A, dialog, corpus mining, knowledge base construction, etc.


Accurate Semantic Matching

Delivers a high hit ratio using multiple algorithms related to document similarity, word vector, and syntactic parsing to extract key information.

Powerful Data Mining

Adopts keyword extraction and more to facilitate construction of your knowledge base and knowledge graph and accelerates iterations of your Q&A system.

More Natural Human–Computer Interaction

Enables your computer to reply to your questions as a human being.

Public Opinion Analysis

Public Opinion Analysis

Gives you an all-around understanding of public opinions in time based on multi-dimensional analysis on sentiment, most viewed events, trends, and propagation paths.


Accurate Data Mining

Offers various information extraction algorithms like keyword extraction to accurately discover hot events from massive volumes of data.

Intelligent Analysis

Offers text clustering, topic extracting, sentiment analysis and more to analyze event topics and public opinions.

Decision-making Support

Offers various prediction algorithms like text classification to understand the public sentiment comprehensively and support decision-making.

Content Recommendation

Content Recommendation

With keyword extracting and short text similarity and more, you can extract key semantic information and accurately match contents with similar semantics.


Comprehensive Algorithms

Offers a variety of similarity computing algorithms.

Exact Match

Recommends content to you by using feature optimization algorithms.

Stable & Reliable

Delivers comprehensive text processing and can work with various data formats specific for different business domains.


  • Chinese Word Splitting

    Splits Chinese texts into individual words.

  • Word Vector

    Vectorizes each word in text corpus.

  • Named Entity Recognition

    Extracts the entities in the text, such as names, institutions, locations, and much more.

Chinese Word Splitting

Word Vector

Named Entity Recognition

  • Short Text Similarity

    Measures the semantic similarity between short texts and outputs similarity values.

  • Keyword Extraction

    Extracts words or phrases that represent the semantics of the text.

  • Dependency Parsing Analysis

    Identifies the components in a sentence and relationships between the components, such as the subject, predicate, object, complement, and much more.

Short Text Similarity

Keyword Extraction

Dependency Parsing Analysis

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