NLP Customization

NLP Customization builds specific NLP models based on your requirements. For example, customize the models for automatic legal document classification, automatic medical report generation, and public opinion analysis for specific domains.

Product Advantages
  • Tailored Models

    Adopts tailored NLP models to satisfy specific requirements for enterprise customers.

  • Cutting-Edge Technologies

    Leverages the mature natural language algorithms and the latest theoretical research results to empower enterprises with unique competitive advantages.

  • Professional Team

    Provides impressive capability in quick problem-solving with multiple experienced AI algorithm experts and architects.

  • High-Quality Services

    Ensures quality custom services by complying with the strict project management processes.

Application Scenarios
  • Legal Document Classification

  • Medical Report Generation

Legal Document Classification

Legal Document Classification

Builds dedicated NLP models to automatically classify a large number of legal documents into hundreds of categories to assist legal document management, greatly improving retrieval efficiency when former cases are related.


High Accuracy

Uses the customized models specific to the legal domain to achieve better performance than general NLP models.

Continuous Iteration & Optimization

Allows you to continuously optimize models based on the feedback.

Medical Report Generation

Medical Report Generation

Customizes NLP models pertained to the medical domain and generates reports quickly based on the detection results, greatly improving the report generation efficiency.


Intelligent Analysis

Analyzes and infers the results based on the medical knowledge graph and filters out the important results.

High Readability

Customizes dedicated models for the medical domain to provide professional and accurate explanation for the results.

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