Language Generation

Language Generation (LG) uses cutting-edge language models to generate readable text descriptions according to the input information, including text, data, and images. It can be used in human-machine interaction scenarios such as intelligent Q&A and conversations, news summary, and report generation.

Pay-per-use billing and packages are available. Fees start as low as ¥0.0015/API call.

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Product Advantages
  • Leading Algorithms

    Adopts Huawei-developed core engines and NLP algorithms that integrate traditional algorithms and deep learning.

  • Wide Range of Use

    Offers language technologies pertained to various scenarios, such as text to text, data to text, and image to text.

  • Automated Learning

    Learns styles of words and sentences in the text based on provided corpora and generates text of the same language style.

  • Easy to Use

    Provides easy-to-use APIs to deliver business development without the need of purchasing servers and supports cross-platform API calling.

Application Scenarios
  • Information Pushing

  • Intelligent Copywriting

Information Pushing

Information Pushing

Extracts concise text descriptions from large-sized text such as news to help customers obtain valuable information in a timely and efficient manner.


Reliable and accurate

With LG, you can extract accurate and valid information from source news.

Controllable length

You can control the length of the generated text as required to achieve better reading and using experience.

Intelligent Copywriting

Intelligent Copywriting

Learns the writing mode and structure of existing documents and uses machine learning algorithms to automatically generate new copywriting.


Real-time generation

Generates a large number of copywriting within a short period of time.

Rich expressions

Learns existing text for more advanced expressions in copywriting.

Usage Guidelines

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