Language Understanding

Language Understanding (LU) provides APIs related to language understanding such as sentiment analysis, viewpoint extraction, text classification, and intent understanding. It can be used in scenarios such as comment mining, public opinion analysis, smart assistant, and conversational bots.

Pay-per-use billing and packages are available. Fees start as low as ¥0.0015/API call.

Product Advantages
  • Extensive Algorithms

    Offers multiple language understanding algorithms tailored to different business scenarios.

  • Comprehensive APIs

    Provides APIs related to semantic analysis, such as text classification, emotion analysis, viewpoint extraction, intent understanding, and slot filling, to deliver fast language understanding.

  • Stability and Reliability

    Handles semantic uncertainties and allows you to add corpuses tailored for more scenarios.

  • Easy of Use

    Provides easy-to-use APIs to deliver business development without the need of purchasing servers and supports cross-platform API calling.

Application Scenarios
  • Comment Analysis

  • Text Classification

  • Dialog Understanding

Comment Analysis

Comment Analysis

Leverages sentiment analysis and viewpoint extraction technologies to extract information about sentiments and key viewpoints from a large number of user comments.


Rich Algorithm Models

Uses various sentiment analysis algorithms to improve the ability of analyzing different comments.

Various Domains

Analyzes user comments from multiple domains to explore business values.

Text Classification

Text Classification

Accurately classifies a large number of files. Typical application scenarios include tag classification, content retrieval, personalized content recommendation, and more.


Diverse Structures

Labels for a file can be of the same level or hierarchical levels.

Model Customization

Allows you to customize text classification models based on your own datasets.

Dialog Understanding

Dialog Understanding

Understands your words to improve the accuracy of bot answers.


Intent Recognition

Identifies your intent from your words and extracts the key semantic information.

Continuous Optimization

Allows you to continuously optimize the effect based on the feedback.

Usage Guidelines

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