Machine Translation

Machine Translation (MT) provides you with rapid translation capabilities. You can translate text from source to target languages just by calling an API.

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Product Advantages
  • Leading Algorithm

    An algorithm model based on the Transformer architecture has been optimized to guarantee top-notch translation accuracy and speed.

  • Data Support

    Model training is supported by professional translators with a high-quality translation corpus going back over two decades.

  • Highly Reliable

    Based on practices of enterprise-level customers, MT has been successfully applied in a range of different scenarios.

  • Original Technology

    Translation quality is significantly strengthened by the real time application of hybrid network structure, restricted decoding, and neural machine translation technologies.

Application Scenarios
  • Translation Services Center

  • Instant Messaging

  • Video Subtitling

Translation Services Center

Translation Services Center

MT helps build a translation system that addresses specific translation requirements and processes emails, academic papers, and news articles both efficiently and accurately.


High Quality

The translation engine combines with professional translators, ensuring translation quality.

Multi-Domain Support

Content in multiple domains, such as news, information, and communications, can be translated with ease.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging software with MT built in, makes it possible for users to communicate across different languages.


High Accuracy

The translation engine produces accurate translations for a wide range of use cases.

Instantaneous Response

The translation engine responds to translation requests in real time.

Video Subtitling

Video Subtitling

MT and speech recognition make it possible to generate bilingual subtitles in real time, making the content available to a wider audience.


Highly Reliable

HUAWEI CLOUD distributed deployment ensures stable and reliable services.

Real-Time Response

Translates efficiently and responds in real time.

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