CloudPipeline provides visualized, customized, and automatic delivery pipelines that shorten delivery periods and improve delivery efficiency.

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Pain Points



-Customer Challenge:

There are various types of business with widely diverse delivery processes.


Customize pipeline processes and tasks on demand. Execute tasks in serial or parallel.


-Customer Challenge:

The delivery processes lack necessary links among the various stages. It requires a lot of workload to streamline the processes.


Customized processes and tasks are executed automatically.


-Customer Challenge:

A delivery process involves many stages and tasks. It is difficult to track the progress and results.


Check progress and results at any time with execution reports and logs.


The automated pipeline allocates resources dynamically and executes tasks in a delivery process automatically.

Application Scenarios

Personal Pipeline


In personal delivery, a software developer streamlines the delivery processes, for example, code check and compile & build of a single module or subsystem.

Version Pipeline


A version development team streamlines delivery processes, for example, code check and compile & build of multiple modules or subsystems in the version.

Function Description

Automatic Pipeline Execution

Customize pipeline processes and tasks for automatic execution and check process reports and logs at any time.

Parallel Pipeline Execution

Supports parallel execution of multiple pipelines and dynamically allocates resources to the pipelines on demand, maximizing resource usage and accelerating execution.

Scheduled Pipeline Execution

Set a pipeline to run weekly or daily at a specified time, and stay notified of the results.

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