ProjectMan provides agile development teams with easy and efficient coordination services, including multi-project management, agile iteration management, requirement management, defect tracing, document management, multi-layered billboard, and statistics reports.

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Quickly make agile iterative plans and create tasks.

Monitor project progress with daily standup billboards and statistic reports.

Short iteration periods improve project management efficiency.


Project management in the cloud immediately available upon login.

Monitor project progress, assign tasks, and view real-time task status in the cloud, either in the IDE or on a mobile device.


Social coordination for developers in different locations to work together efficiently.

Clarify requirements, record changes, share experience, and obtain feedback.



  • The core of agile project management is user participation. After submitting requirements, users can participate in requirement analysis, iterative plans and delivery, demo experience, and crowd tests. User participation helps build excellent, complete products.

Application Scenarios

Agile Delivery


Agile delivery and project management using agile processes to make iterative plans, analyze requirements, decompose tasks, track defects, and develop products efficiently and collaboratively.

Outsourcing Coordination


For an outsourcing project, the contractor and the outsourcer develop and deliver collaboratively. The outsourcer submits requirements, tracks project progress, and accepts the product. The contractor performs requirement analysis, development, delivery, and bug fixes. Both parties communicate seamlessly in real time to ensure accuracy and quality of project delivery.

Function Description

Multi-project Management

Easily find projects with pin-able watercolor project cards and one-click switching between projects.

Agile Iterative Development

Iterative plans and timelines clearly display the project progress.

Multi-layered Project Billboard

Individual- and project-level billboards, including dendrogram and task board views, displaying progress and risks.

Document Management

Manage documents by project or requirement and upload files of various types to ensure best practices are archived and inherited.

Social Coordination

Social tools allow multiple roles in different regions to develop at the same time.

Multi-dimensional Statistics Report

Keep up to day on macro-progress using enterprise project reports and micro-progress using statistics reports on trends, completion, and module requirements.

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