Celebrity Recognition

Celebrity Recognition uses deep neural network models to recognize well-known people, including political figures, TV/movie stars, and Internet celebrities, found in images.

Product Advantages
  • Accurate Recognition

    Leverages Huawei's deep image moderation models, yielding high accuracy.

  • Stability and Reliability

    Vetted stability from years of practice across complex enterprise scenarios.

  • High Efficiency

    Large-scale GPU clusters enable a quick sift of famous people in images

  • Diverse Scenarios

    Recognizes public figures from the political, entertainment, public-opinion, and other arenas.

Application Scenario
  • Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites

Intelligently identifies and warns of celebrity images uploaded by users, protecting people's right of publicity, ensuring the authenticity of user information, and improving user experience of SNS.


Accurate Recognition

Uses Huawei-developed image moderation models to deliver high recognition accuracy.

High Speed

Large-scale GPU clusters enable a quick sift of famous people in images

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