Storage Disaster Recovery Service

Storage Disaster Recovery Service (SDRS) provides cross-AZ disaster recovery (DR) protections for servers. If a fault occurs on the source AZ, users can quickly restore services in the target AZ. Achieve a recovery point objective (RPO) of 0 for your layout while greatly reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) in your DR profile. Simplify your DR orchestration and management processes to cut service interruption times and help reduce losses.

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  • Enterprise-Level DR

    Synchronous replication technology enables services to be restored in the target AZ with just a few clicks if the source AZ goes down for any reason; RPO = 0.

  • Low Costs

    Achieves improved green credentials while saving your organization time, money, and headaches from having to build or rent equipment rooms, purchase and maintain hardware, and pay for other incidentals like electricity. Adopting an on-cloud DR profile reduces TCO by 60%

  • Flexible Deployments

    Configures protected instances based on service policies. Servers used for providing the same service can be added to the same protection group. This service can be used with Dedicated Cloud (DeC).

  • Ease of Use

    You do not need to restore servers one by one as in traditional DR solutions. SDRS allows you to switch services and perform DR drills in just a few clicks on the console.

Application Scenarios
  • Cross-AZ DR

  • Non-disruptive DR Drills

Cross-AZ DR

Cross-AZ DR

The synchronous replication technology used at the storage layer provides DR protection between AZs to ensure data consistency. If the source AZ becomes faulty, services can be quickly restored in the target AZ.


Substantial Capital Savings

Zero in-house infrastructure build requirement also removes the associated operational costs like power, air conditioning, and the need for self-administered O&M. You simply pay for what you use and can adjust at any time.

Robust Security

With the advanced synchronous replication tech yielding an RPO of 0, data is always secure and never lost.

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Non-disruptive DR Drills

Non-disruptive DR Drills

Drills are performed in the sandbox, leaving services in the source AZ remain completely unaffected.


Zero Service Interruption

Applications running on the servers do not need to be stopped, and the servers do not need to be shut down during the drills.

Ease of Use

Just a few simple clicks allows your personnel to run drills over the console with fail-safe assurance so you can validate your DR strategy without data loss or downtime.

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  • RPO = 0

    Zero RPO and dynamic real-time synchronization ensure data consistency.

  • Rapid Restoration

    If a down event occurs in the source AZ, services can be quickly restored in the target AZ with minimal interruption to services.

RPO = 0

Rapid Restoration

  • Wide-open flexibility

    Flexibly adjust DR resource configurations to suit your in-the-moment requirements and policies.

  • DR Drills as Desired

    You can perform a DR drill to verify a DR solution without affecting existing services.

Wide-open flexibility

DR Drills as Desired

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