Product Advantages
Fully Managed
Open Technology
Enterprise Grade

Fully Managed

Deploys your applications using containers, VMs, or serverless, and easily implements auto scaling, performance analysis, and fault diagnosis.

Open Technology

Supports native Spring Cloud and Dubbo frameworks and Istio Service Mesh, provides all-scenario capabilities, and supports mainstream languages such as Java, Go, PHP, Node.js, and Python.


Integrates multiple tool ecosystems, such as Eclipse, IDEA, and Maven, and supports seamless integration of off-cloud and on-cloud development.

Enterprise Grade

Supports transformation of Huawei core service Cloud Native, meeting strict performance, usability, and security compliance requirements.

Application Scenarios
  • Microservice Application Solution

  • Web Application Solution

  • Continuous Delivery Solution

Microservice Application Solution

Microservice Application Solution

Provides ServiceComb, Spring Cloud, Dubbo, and Service Mesh, helping customers build enterprise-grade microservice platforms.


Open Technology

Dual-Stack Mode: Uses Cloud Service Engine (CSE) to access and manage Istio Service Mesh and ServiceComb, Spring Cloud, and Dubbo microservice frameworks.

Multi-language Microservices

Supports multiple programming languages, such as Java, Go, Node.js, PHP, and Python.

API First

Supports API management based on Swagger.

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Web Application Solution

Web Application Solution

One-stop O&M platform greatly improves the efficiency of enterprise-grade web application development and O&M.


Simple Deployment

Deploys WAR, JAR, and ZIP software packages or source code with a few clicks.

One-stop O&M

Provides various O&M capabilities such as upgrades, rollback, log, monitoring, and elastic provisioning.

Seamless Integration

Supports seamless integration with cloud services and applications, such as ELB, RDS, and DCS.

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Continuous Delivery Solution

Continuous Delivery Solution

Implements "self-service" development, integration, verification, and rollout based on the ServiceStage pipeline.


Simple Environment Setup

Automatically generates application framework code, build, deploy, and test environments with only a few clicks.

Multi-language Application Development

Supports Java, Go, Node.js, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Multiple Source Code Repositories

Supports CodeHub, GitHub, Gitee, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

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  • Multi-application

    Development frameworks, running environments, and common components are seamlessly integrated with basic services.

  • Full Management

    Full management of applications throughout the entire process, including deployment and upgrade.

  • Auto Scaling

    Manual or auto scaling, maximizing resource utilization.


Full Management

Auto Scaling

  • Intelligent O&M

    Monitoring, events, alarms, logs, and tracing diagnosis, and built-in AI capabilities, making O&M easy.

  • Continuous Delivery

    Creates a flexibly customizable application delivery pipeline with only a few clicks.

  • Multiple Templates

    Creates common application templates such as Magento and WordPress for application provisioning with only a few clicks.

Intelligent O&M

Continuous Delivery

Multiple Templates

  • Various Components

    Common components, such as domain name management and SSL certificate management, accelerate application development.

  • Multiple Ecosystems

    Seamless migration of applications built based on multiple open source ecosystems, such as Kubernetes and Docker.

  • Environment Management

    Basic resources, such as container clusters, VMs, databases, and middleware, are managed in the environment, reducing resource management workloads.

Various Components

Multiple Ecosystems

Environment Management

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