SoftWare Repository for Container

SoftWare Repository for Container (SWR) allows you to easily manage the full lifecycle of container images and facilitates secure deployment of images for your applications.


Product Advantages
  • Ease of Use

    With SWR's simple and intuitive console, you can easily perform full lifecycle management of container images without requiring any other software.

  • High Security

    SWR uses HTTPS to ensure secure transmission of your container images. You can use SWR organizations to manage user permissions or assign image-specific permissions to users.

  • High Reliability

    You can reliably deploy container images for your applications. SWR ensures 99.999999999% (11 nines) storage durability for container images and 99.95% service continuity.

  • High Compatibility

    SWR supports the Registry V2 protocol. You can use the community CLI to push and pull SWR images and call SWR APIs to manage images.

Application Scenarios
  • Image Deployment

  • Permission Management

Image Deployment

Image Deployment

You can use SWR to quickly set up service systems and deploy containerized applications.


Rapid Deployment

Use CCE to easily pull images from SWR and rapidly deploy applications.

Reduced Costs

No data transfer costs are incurred when you use CCE to pull images from SWR.

High Reliability

Reliably deploy images for your containerized applications. SWR ensures 99.95% service continuity and 99.999999999% storage durability for container images.

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Permission Management

Permission Management

You can create organizations to manage image permissions for users under specific accounts.


High Security

Organizations are isolated from each other and allow you to easily manage image permissions. You can also assign image-specific permissions.

Ease of Use

SWR's intuitive console makes it easy for you to control permissions for image access.

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  • Container Image Management

    Full lifecycle management of container images.

  • CCE Interconnection

    Seamless interconnection with CCE; application deployment in just a few clicks.

  • Permission Management

    Organization-based image isolation; image access control through permissions and IAM policies.

Container Image Management

CCE Interconnection

Permission Management

  • Automatic Deployment

    Automatic updates to applications upon image updates.

Automatic Deployment

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