SoftWare Repository for Container

Software Repository for Container (SWR) provides easy, secure, and reliable management over container images throughout their lifecycles, facilitating the deployment of containerized services.

Download and store 10 GB of images from public networks for free.

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Product Advantages
  • Ease of Use

    Provides a simple and intuitive console to support full lifecycle container image management.

  • Security Assurance

    Complies with HTTPS to ensure secure image transmission, and provides multiple security isolation mechanisms between and inside tenant networks.

  • High Reliability

    Ensures 99.95% service continuity and 99.999999999% container image storage durability.

  • High Compatibility

    Supports the Docker Registry V2 protocol, and Docker CLI- and native API-based image management.

Application Scenarios
  • Image Deployment

  • Permission Management

  • Image Build

Image Deployment

Image Deployment

Quick application system set-ups and automatic deployment of containerized applications.


Efficient Deployment

Seamless interconnection with CCE to quickly deploy containerized applications.

Reduced Costs

Intranet image downloads separate from Internet traffic.

High Reliability

99.95% service continuity and 99.999999999% container image storage durability.

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Permission Management

Permission Management

Permission isolation between tenants or a tenant's users, providing isolated repository access permissions for different organizations.


Security Assurance

Organizational isolation and image permission controls ensure image security.

User-friendly Permission Management

An intuitive console for assigning image access permissions.

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Image Build

Interconnection with Third-Party Code Libraries

Easy access to GitHub and GitLab to download code and build images in one click, and interconnection with CCE to deploy images.


High Performance

Concurrent builds of services on a large scale.


Automatic image updates in sync with code updates.

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  • Image Management

    Full lifecycle management of images.

  • Docker Images

    Collection and deployment of Docker Hub official images.

  • CCE Interconnection

    Containerized application deployment, in cooperation with CCE, in one click.

Image Management

Docker Images

CCE Interconnection

  • Permission Mgmt

    Image isolation capabilities to assign different access permissions to various users.

  • Native Docker

    Docker CLI- and native API-based image management.

  • Image Build

    GitHub and GitLab interconnection to build images, and automatic image updates in sync with code updates.

Permission Mgmt

Native Docker

Image Build

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