TestMan is an integrated software test solution that manages test requirements and provides case management, test execution, defect management, and multi-dimensional product quality evaluation. It allows developers to efficiently manage test activities and deliver high-quality products.

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Customer Challenge

Easy to Use


Available at startup. No installation, deployment, or O&M needed.

Customer Challenge:

Too many test tools. Hard to build environments.



Unified cloud test management platform. Efficient cross-region collaboration and testing, including case design, test execution, and defect feedback.

Customer Challenge:

No unified test platform, inefficient cross-regional collaboration, unstructured defect management, and inefficient testing.

Two-Way Tracing


Bidirectional tracing between requirements and test cases, requirements and defects, defects and test cases ensures all requirements are tested, reducing mistakes and leaks.

Customer Challenge:

Missing and incorrect requirement testing.



Multi-dimensional product quality dashboard with all-around quality evaluation increases product acceptance rate.

Customer Challenge:

No product quality dashboard, means to check product quality accurately and timely, or quality report for product release and acceptance.



  • End-to-End Product Acceptance Testing: Provides requirement-driven test management, requirement-supported case design, test execution, and defect tracing. Realizes requirement-case-defect two-way tracing. Offers product quality information anytime, anywhere.

Application Scenarios

Product End-to-End Acceptance Testing


All requirements are tested correctly. No oversights in testing or false negatives. End-to-end requirement development, delivery, and acceptance to ensure all requirements are accepted and products are delivered with high quality.

Software Delivery and Acceptance


Unified cloud test management platform to facilitate cross-regional acceptance for software requesters and suppliers. Test case execution and defect feedback to view acceptance reports clearly and in a timely manner, improving acceptance efficiency. Acceptance for software requesters and suppliers through TestMan to promptly check requirement delivery, acceptance process, and product quality.

Function Description

Simple Test Requirement Allocation

Control test progress by allocating test tasks to test engineers quickly and effectively.

User-Friendly Case Design

Convenient case designs, with ratings, prerequisites, procedures, and expected results, to guide test engineers.

Requirement-based Test Management

Uses requirement allocation, case design, case execution, and acceptance reports; bidirectionally checks requirement-case-defect associations.

Multi-Dimensional Quality Report

Accurately assess version quality with clear acceptance and defect statistics.

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