Moderation (Video)

Moderation (Video) detects and filters out non-compliant content, such as pornographic elements, terrorism-related information, and violent content, greatly improving video review efficiency.

Fees start as low as ¥0.000811/second for commercial services.

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Product Advantages
  • Accurate Review

    Uses Convolution Neural Network (CNN) algorithms and volumes of training samples to generate prediction models with high precision for real-time detection.

  • Ease of Use

    Provides RESTful APIs for easy use and quick integration into review systems.

  • Wide Application

    Detects inappropriate and terrorism-related content as well as advertisements to ensure video compliance.

  • Multidimensional Review

    Analyzes speech, actions, images, and text in videos to mitigate or eliminate non-compliance risks and improve the review efficiency.

Application Scenarios
  • Video Content Review

Video Content Review

Video Content Review

Automatically detects inappropriate, violent, or terrorism-related content in videos for various video platforms, preventing non-compliance risks while saving on labor costs.


Multidimentional Review

Supports simultaneous review of video subtitles, speech, and images.

Accurate Recognition

Uses CNN algorithms and large amounts of training data to achieve high levels of recognition accuracy.

High Speed

Reviews videos in real time and quickly tags non-compliant items.

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  • Content Review

    Analyzes images, speech, and text in videos to detect inappropriate, violent, or terrorism-related content.

  • Advertisement Detection

    Detects and filters out QR codes and watermarks added to videos in post-editing.

Content Review

Advertisement Detection

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