Voice Call

Voice Call provides secure cloud-based voice communication capabilities, including Voice Callback, Verification Code, and Voice Notification. It provides stable performance with high capacity, concurrency, and connectivity.

Product Advantages
  • Easy to Use

    No dialing is required and click-to-call is supported by invoking APIs during the service process. After a call request is sent, your phone will be called back within 5s.

  • Secure & Reliable

    The carrier-class architecture provides reliable voice quality. The stable platform supports large capacity and high concurrency.

  • Efficient & Superior

    High-quality voice services are provided with high anti-interference effect and a 99% global connection rate.

  • Easy to Integrate

    Code design utilizing natural language simplifies development, where functions can be implemented with only five lines of code and APIs are clear and concise.

Application Scenarios
  • Voice Callback

  • Verification Code

  • Voice Notification

Voice Callback

Express Delivery Service

Couriers can scan orders and call customers in a one-click manner, enhancing the work accuracy and efficiency. Calling fees are easy to manage.

Website Consultation

Users can make one-click calls from a website.

Online Healthcare

The platform automatically sets up calls between patients and doctors based on reserved slots.

Verification Code


Verification codes used for registration are obtained by answering voice calls, preventing fraudulent registration.

Login Authentication

Voice call-based verification codes are used to protect accounts from being hijacked.

Money Transfer

Voice call-based verification codes used for transfers are used and anti-eavesdropping and anti-theft technologies are enabled for property safety.

Password Retrieval

New passwords are obtained by answering voice calls, protecting accounts from hackers.

Voice Notification

Usage Alerts

Consumption notifications can be delivered by voice calls in a timely and reliable manner across wide areas.

Queue Notification

Customers do not need to wait in queue for long periods. A realistic voice is provided for better audio experience.

Calendar Reminder

Information is delivered accurately, promptly, and in batches. Full coverage and high connectivity are guaranteed for security and reliability.


  • Voice Callback

    The platform receives a call request and connects the calling and called parties to set up a point-to-point (P2P) call.

  • Voice Recording

    The platform records calls initiated using Voice Callback.

Voice Callback

Voice Recording

  • Verification Code

    The platform receives a verification code request, makes a call to the user, and announces the verification code.

  • Voice Notification

    The platform receives a voice notification request, makes a call to the user, and plays an announcement.

Verification Code

Voice Notification

Usage Guides

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