Industry Specific Solutions

Manufacturing Predictive Maintenance

The Manufacturing Predictive Maintenance solution is used for collecting and parsing device data, pre-processing edge computing resources, and performing data modeling and analysis on the cloud. It facilitates transformation of manufacturing enterprises from selling products to selling services.

E-Commerce Appliances and Digital Products

This solution combines online wholesale, distribution, consumer attraction, and offline service for enterprises dealing with appliances and digital products.

E-Commerce Dual-Delivery

Dual-delivery means delivering both e-commerce applications and DevOps environments to customers. A unified DevOps environment helps e-commerce companies achieve creation agility, quick responses to the market, and high development efficiency.

E-Commerce Cross-Border Trade

This solution enables enterprises to quickly build an e-commerce platform that facilitates cross-border trade and allows seamless interworking with multiple systems, including customs, logistics, and payment systems.

Supply Chain Finance

The Supply Chain Finance solution uses a wide range of HUAWEI CLOUD services to roll out financial supply chain systems quickly. It meets requirements for regulatory compliance, security, and reliability, while enhancing business management capabilities and reducing risks.

Small Internet-based Loans

The Small Internet-based Loans solution uses a wide range of HUAWEI CLOUD services to quickly establish a regulation-compliant, secure, and reliable small Internet-based loan platform that improves business management and risk control capabilities.

E-Commerce Apparel & Footwear

This solution implements the omni-channel approach for apparel and footwear retailers by integrating online and offline channels for product marketing, pricing, and associated services.

E-Commerce Aggregated Payment Solution

This solution allows for one-click access to mainstream payment channels, facilitating enterprises to quickly build secure, efficient, and omni-channel payment systems to cope with challenges in various transaction scenarios.

Manufacturing Digital Transformation

HUAWEI CLOUD provides a reliable and open industrial cloud platform, and an end-to-end solution to help manufacturers digitally transform within their industry. Huawei provides companies everything they need to conduct digital transformation and intelligent upgrade.

Manufacturing CADaaS

The Manufacturing CADaaS solution relies on Huawei's cloud service capabilities to aggregate the CAD industry ecosystem and provide enterprises with secure, on-demand CAD services anywhere and at any time.

Manufacturing CAEaaS

The Manufacturing CAEaaS solution relies on Huawei's cloud service capabilities to aggregate the CAE industry ecosystem and provide enterprises with high performance, reliable, secure, and convenient cloud simulation services.

Logistics Solution

HUAWEI CLOUD integrates big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to provide competitive logistic solutions that streamline the process from production, transportation, warehousing, and distribution. The solution reduces logistical costs, improves efficiency, and creates sustainable benefits for customers.

Telemedicine Solution

Telemedicine enables doctors to provide more timely healthcare on rare or serious diseases, helps healthcare organizations expand scale. HUAWEI CLOUD provides flexible, reliable, and effective telemedical cloud services by streamlining medical resources at different levels.

Financial Omni-Channel

By combining industrial features and Huawei's cloud services, this solution provides end-to-end cloud services for financial customers such as banks, insurance agents, security companies, or Internet finance enterprises. It helps customers quickly migrate their services to the cloud, promoting fast growth and improving their competitiveness.

E-Commerce Function Service

With a serverless architecture, the E-Commerce Function service solution efficiently processes requests from backends, fulfills image and video transcoding needs, and provides auto-scaling service capabilities.

Live Interactive Education

The Live Interactive Education solution enables customers to implement online examination, education video on demand (VoD), interactive live teaching, and class sign-in on HUAWEI CLOUD.

Medical Image Diagnosis Solution

Population aging, unhealthy lifestyles, and environmental issues have increased the incidence of chronic diseases that require medical images to diagnose. Patients and hospitals need advanced medical equipment and efficient clinical solutions, so Huawei released the Medical Images solution.

E-Commerce AR

Huawei provides one-stop e-commerce augmented reality (AR) solution with basic HUAWEI CLOUD services and advanced AR technologies such as simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and large-scale precise image identification. This solution integrates clouds with devices into a closed loop, improving user experience of e-Commerce platforms.

Connected Car

Provides stable and secure cloud services and big data and AI capabilities, making connected cars smarter.

Video Surveillance for Retail

The Video Surveillance for Retail solution provides access services for cloud video surveillance. In addition to monitoring situations, cameras used in the solution provide commercial-level mobile capabilities, remote management, and cloud-based intelligent analysis services.

Manufacturing MESaaS

Manufacturing MESaaS leverages HUAWEI CLOUD capabilities and cooperation with partners to provide enterprises with a cloud Manufacturing Execution System (MES) featuring remote coordination, simplified deployment, and high reliability.

Medical Image Archiving

Managing the storage of medical images has long been a challenge for medical institutions. HUAWEI CLOUD provides OBS for image storage and archiving, which is a cost-effective solution that ensures the high reliability of image data.

Intelligent Meter Reading

Powered by NB-IoT technologies, the Intelligent Meter Reading solution provides optimized E2E cloud services such as an IoT platform, enterprise intelligence, application services, and security management.

Public Meteorological Service

Powered on the twin engines of high performance compute + AI available with HUAWEI CLOUD, meteorological associations at different levels can share information, converge into omnimedia, enhance user experience of public meteorological service, and push public announcements whenever necessary.

Chronic Disease Treatment

With the new tech available in cloud computing, plenty of new opportunities are appearing in chronic disease treatment services. HUAWEI CLOUD provides extremely reliable and secure cloud services and IoT platforms that enable treatment organizations to take the lead in the marketplace and deliver high-quality therapy.


The Financial Transaction Dual-recording solution deploys a dual-recording system based on HUAWEI CLOUD to record and store audios and videos during financial transactions, for review and random check, ensuring that the sales of financial products are traceable and manageable.


The Gaming solution provides a professional, fast, stable, and secure platform for game development, deployment, and operations. HUAWEI CLOUD offers comprehensive and rapid after-sales services and ecosystem support that is device-cloud synergy, driving the development of the game industry.

Government Solution

Huawei leverages its accumulated ecological strengths and innovative technologies to provide comprehensive end-to-end government solutions to meet the intensive infrastructure construction, data interconnection, and application intelligence demands of governments.


HUAWEI CLOUD promotes retails' digital transformation by providing a comprehensive Retail solution for building both omni-channel online and offline solutions, integrating retail applications with rich big data, AI, and cloud services.

Securities Quotes

The Securities Quotes solution leverages rich HUAWEI CLOUD services to help securities enterprises deploy cloud-based quotes systems that meet security and compliance requirements, ensuring high availability and data security. It can easily handle service peaks and enables long-term development.

Insurance Business

The Insurance Business solution leverages HUAWEI CLOUD services to rapidly construct and deploy insurance service systems that meet industry requirements for compliance, security, and reliability. It greatly lowers IT investment and facilitates insurance enterprises' digital transformation.


This solution helps enterprises build precise user models and provides consumer-specific recommendations based on in-depth analysis of consumer behavior and transaction history.


The end-to-end biomedicine solution provides enterprises with computing and storage services required for analyzing massive amounts of data, facilitating precision medical treatment.

Game Hosting

The Game Hosting solution simultaneously delivers a stable gameplay experience for millions of players. It helps game enterprises realize cloud-based O&M, fast service provisioning, and flexible expansion.

New-energy Vehicle Supervision

The New-energy Vehicle Supervision solution is developed to meet national regulatory requirements, provide enterprises with a supervision platform for new-energy vehicles, and allow for quick access to the platform after mass production.

Media Convergence

The Media Convergence solution provides agile, one-stop services featuring cloud-network-device integration. The solution is tailored to omnimedia users and provides a high-performance architecture and rich public cloud services.

General Purpose Solutions

SAP on Cloud

This solution allows enterprises to deploy the HANA database and SAP key services on HUAWEI CLOUD and provides automatic management and management services throughout the lifecycle

Cloud Migration

The cloud migration solution integrates migration processes, methods, tools, and professional teams to help you easily migrate your current workloads to HUAWEI CLOUD.

Video Cloud Infrastructure

Huawei offers an infrastructure that provides mass cloud storage resources, various video functions, intelligent processing capabilities, and vast global networks, achieving HD television quality with the transmission efficiency of the Internet and a large user capacity.

XConnect Solution

X-Connect provides high-speed, low latency, and secure connectivity capabilities across networks. It allows enterprises to deploy service systems across local data centers and public cloud, across regions and tenants within the cloud. Currently, this solution only applies to Mainland China.

Enterprise Cloud Box

The Enterprise Cloud Box solution provides centralized, secure data storage for personal workspace. It supports automatic synchronization between platforms and between terminals for enhanced linkage, share, and collaboration between employees. It helps your organization extract more value from your data assets.

Cloud Office

HUAWEI CLOUD provides the flexibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness you need in a cloud office solution, significantly reducing IT investments while helping you accelerate your move to cloud-based information management.

Web & Mobile

Web & Mobile provides an elastic cloud environment and mobile Internet ecosystem with high data security. It can process up to 100 million concurrent connections and millions of transactions, perform big data analysis, and ensure system reliability and performance.

Backup and Archive

Backup and Archive provides a secure, economical and easy-to-manage data protection solution for backing up and archiving local data to the cloud, reducing costs and mechanism complexity with as-a-service convenience.


Game Security

Bolstered by years of enterprise-level security expertise and with the service architecture specifically in mind, Huawei offers professional, stable, and reliable game security solutions to address typical risks in the industry.

General Security

With a variety of security services, HUAWEI CLOUD provides scenario-oriented solutions to help customers protect application systems and data on the cloud.

Graded Protection

With first-rate security capabilities and a complete ecosystem, HUAWEI CLOUD provides a one-stop solution to help customers comply with graded protection regulations in a rapid, cost-saving manner.

E-Commerce Security

Huawei offers a security solution that ensures data privacy and full-stack security protection for e-commerce customers.

Bruteforce Attack Prevention Solution for Cloud Server

Backed by extensive experience in security protection, Huawei is able to prevent brute force attacks through host hardening and protection solutions for mainstream operating systems.


Game Development

The one-stop cloud-based DevOps platform for game development provides full lifecycle services for game development. It helps game developers develop games with Agile, build a sound DevOps system, and deliver high-end gaming products quickly.

Software Training

Huawei provides a one-stop software development teaching and practice platform and an enterprise-level software development experience. It allows teachers to carry out training more easily and better grasp their students' software development capabilities.

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