Business Challenges

  • Exclusive Resources

    High volumes of the services enterprises run in their environments require immediate processing, making sharing of resources a non-viable option if performance is to be achieved.

  • Legal Compliance

    Large enterprises, especially those engaged in finance and energy, require isolation of computing, storage, and network resources to meet security and compliance requirements.

  • Various Service Demands

    Enterprises across a wide range of industries need flexible solutions to meet their requirements on isolation of computing, storage, and network resources.

Typical Scenarios

Dedicated Cloud Services

Dedicated cloud services provide physically isolated resource pools and dedicated cloud services on HUAWEI CLOUD. Your computing, storage, and network resources as well as cloud services are hosted on dedicated devices to provide you with complete custody and full isolation assurance.

Solution Architectures


HCS Online technology architecture is identical to HUAWEI CLOUD. It uses standardized hardware and CloudOS to logically virtualize hardware resources. It provides different cloud services with a user experience identical to HUAWEI CLOUD. Cloud services feature unified multi-tenant authentication, infrastructure services, metering, O&M (including monitoring, alarm reporting, and logging), operations management (including billing and ordering), API gateways, console framework, and security management.


Uses fully decoupled cloud services.

Shares the same application ecosystem as HUAWEI CLOUD.

Decouples operations from maintenance.

Scales services on demand.

Combines cloud services as required.

Provides robust platform reliability for all cloud services.

Recommended Services

  • DSS
    With data redundancy and cache acceleration technologies, DSS delivers dedicated, highly reliable, durable, and stable physical storage resources with low latency.
  • DESS
    DESS provides the same superb performance and reliability as enterprise private cloud and simplifies service deployment on public cloud for enterprise users.
  • BMS
    BMS provides physical servers with excellent computing performance and data security needed for core databases, key application systems, and high performance computing.

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