E-Commerce Aggregated Payment

This solution allows for one-click access to mainstream payment channels, facilitating enterprises to quickly build secure, efficient, and omni-channel payment systems to cope with challenges in various transaction scenarios.
Solution Advantages
  • Various Functions

    Supports various payment functions such as member management, marketing management, and merchant management.

  • Simple Access

    One-click access mainstream payment channels and installment channels and multiple access modes, such as SaaS (API/SDK) mode and public cloud privatized deployment mode.

  • Reliability

    Geo-Redundant mode, 99.99% system availability, data transmission and storage meeting the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements.

  • Efficient O&M

    One-stop management platform, display of multi-party transaction data, multi-role collaboration, unified management of service and accounting data, and multi-facet analysis of service running status.

Business Challenges
  • Alternative Payment Methods

    The number of alternative payment methods has grown exponentially on a worldwide level. Each payment method features complex business rules, making it difficult for enterprises to integrate transactions made through different payment methods.

  • High R&D Cost

    Development of an e-commerce transaction system involves not only designing basic payment interfaces, but also meeting requirements of order and accounting systems. This process is costly, and the system requires continuous effort for maintenance and upgrade.

  • Complex Accounting Management

    Diversified transaction scenarios and payment methods pose challenges for operation and financial personnel to reconcile accounts. An aggregated payment management platform can improve overall financial work efficiency.

  • Demanding Payment Design

    The payment industry is increasingly standardized. Enterprises require better payment and transaction system design and service planning capabilities. For example, an e-commerce platform comprises multiple levels of merchants, requiring a proper business mode in fund settlement between the platform and merchants as well as in merchant management.

Solution Architectures


One-click access to mainstream payment channels; SaaS (API/SDK) deployment and private deployment of public clouds; secure, efficient, and highly available payment solution.

Key Functions

Membership Management
Collects transaction data of members in the e-commerce platform.
Uses payment balance for recharge, transfer, consumption, and refund.
Provides member persona, member loyalty, churn risk monitoring, member management, dynamic subsidy, and data monitoring services to effectively manage the life cycle of members.
Marketing Management
Performs marketing activities such as rebate and recharge bonus in holiday seasons.
Collects consumer data and turns consumers into members upon their first payment to perform online marketing.
Pushes coupons to members periodically to improve the membership retention rate.
Sends red packets, membership cards, or coupons to consumers after WeChat payment to improve member loyalty.
Merchant Management
Manages multi-level business relationships and allows merchants to share membership data, eliminating marketing barriers.
Manages transaction data of merchants independently or collectively.
Flexible profit distribution and settlement between merchants and the platform.

Recommended Services
  • Elastic Cloud Server
    Provides a cloud server that can be obtained and elastically scaled at any time when needed. It provides computing resources for aggregation payment solutions for e-commerce customers.
  • Elastic Load Balance
    Automatically distributes e-commerce payment access traffic to multiple cloud servers, extending the concurrent capabilities of aggregation payment to achieve higher-level system concurrency and application fault tolerance.
  • RDS for MySQL
    Online relational database service (RDS) based on HUAWEI CLOUD. It can be deployed in single-node mode, active/standby mode, or cluster mode to provide database services for the aggregated payment solution.

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