E-Commerce Dual-Delivery

Dual-delivery means delivering both e-commerce applications and DevOps environments to customers. A unified DevOps environment helps e-commerce companies achieve creation agility, quick responses to the market, and high development efficiency.
Solution Advantages
  • Dual-Delivery

    Delivers both applications and the DevOps environment, providing a unified and agile development environment for e-commerce customers.

  • Huawei Experience

    Provides development and test services based on years of developmental experience.

  • Smooth Upgrade to DevOps

    Provides the one-stop DevOps development platform, helping e-commerce development teams smoothly move towards more agile developmental types and roll out applications.

  • Cloud Adoption

    Provides a unified cloud-based DevOps environment to eliminate superfluous work.

Business Challenges
  • Quick Responses to the Market Aid E-Commerce Transformations

    E-commerce companies need to be able to directly participate in the development process and quickly adjust requirements. They also need a DevOps environment to allow their online products to sustainably operate. Therefore, the need for a new agile delivery mode able to support e-commerce transformation is urgent.

  • Continuous E-Commerce Innovations to Attract More Consumers

    Continuous innovations attract more consumers to e-commerce companies. One challenge is collaborative work among developers. Therefore, it becomes of increasing importance to use a unified development platform, automatic tools, and apps compatible with various devices.

  • Focus on E-Commerce Operations and Timely Market Analyses

    Development teams must be able to roll out applications or products that cater to consumer requirements. Without a unified development platform, issues such as insufficient use of key developmental assets or inefficient work execution can arise, negatively affecting the rapidity of response to the market and overall operation efficiency.

Typical Scenarios
  • One-Stop DevOps Environment

  • Industry-Specific Solution

  • Transparent Development Process

  • Development Quality Improvement

  • Smooth Migration of Development Experience

  • Continuous Project Delivery

One-Stop DevOps Environment

The one-stop DevOps environment builds a solid base for e-commerce companies.

  1. One-Stop DevOps Environment

    By introducing high-quality e-commerce ISVs along with orchestrating high-quality Huawei cloud services, the one-stop DevOps environment provides an agile, stable, and secure base for e-commerce companies.

  2. Ready-to-go E-Commerce Services

    Cloud services in DevOps have been fully configured, allowing developers to immediately focus on key e-commerce logistics and seize market opportunities to take the lead in the industry.

Industry-Specific Solution

One-stop cloud solutions help e-commerce companies quickly deploy low-cost businesses for promotions, seckills, and hot sellers.

  1. Providing E-Commerce Solutions for Multiple Industries

    Working with leading ISVs, Huawei provides industry-based solutions to e-commerce companies, covering cross-border trades, appliances and digital products, as well as apparel and footwear products.

  2. Diversifying Cloud Services to Simplify Deployment and Operations

    The diversified cloud services offered, such as cloud servers, load balancing, CDN, object storage, message buses, caches, and relational databases, provide a stable base for operations and meet the elasticity requirement of promotion activities.

Transparent Development Process

Huawei emphasizes agile iterations, where customers can track the latest project progress and directly communicate with development teams.

  1. Transparent Project Management

    The cloud-based ProjectMan is easily configurable. Customers can track project progress and delivery risks from multiple aspects, such as kanbans and statistics reports.

  2. Efficient Communication

    Socialization tools allow efficient communication between customers and development teams. Both document and requirement management can be adjusted to satisfy customer demands.

Development Quality Improvement

CodeCheck ensures code quality, while TestMan quantifies management quality.

  1. Code Quality Control from the Source

    Huawei check rule sets support code static checks, code security checks, quality evaluations, and trend analyses of source code defects and alterations in multiple languages. In this manner, CodeCheck tracks code quality and risk indexes all the way from the source through multi-dimensional reports.

  2. Management Quality Quantification

    Bidirectional tracing ensures that all customer requirements are accurately assessed. The multi-dimensional kanbans fully evaluate product quality and quantify acceptance results, reducing the acceptance workload of packet-sending parties and vendors.

Smooth Migration of Development Experience

Thanks to the compatibility with mainstream development modes and tools, the smooth migration of developmental experience is supported.

  1. Agile Project Upgrades Through ProjectMan

    ProjectMan data can be imported into DevCloud from Excel documents. This function, together with the cloud development tool set, allows agile project upgrades through ProjectMan.

  2. Adoption of Familiar Development Modes

    Developers can develop applications in the cloud using familiar development modes. Configuration management is the same as that of the Git; CodeCheck is based on Huawei's rich rule sets; TestMan cooperates with Jenkins; CloudDeploy is compatible with both Ansible and container deployment; and CloudRelease supports the management for Maven warehouse.

Continuous Project Delivery

The unified DevOps environment supports smooth cross-team handover of assets, improving development efficiency.

  1. Simplified Cross-Team Asset Handover

    Developmental assets are stored in the cloud. Therefore, there is no need to repeatedly build environments or for the complex migration of assets. Furthermore, the issue of losing assets during handovers is avoided.

  2. Standard Developmental Tools

    Standard developmental tools ensure that development standards are consistent, which is key to high-quality system operations.

  3. Less Asset Inheritance and Superfluous Work

    The unified DevOps supports repeated use of assets for similar work.

Business Framework

The dual-delivery of applications and the one-stop DevOps environment, increases the quantity of developmental assets, reduces superfluous work, and standardizes development criteria. This attracts more consumers and expands sales for e-commerce companies.

Solution Architectures


The one-stop DevOps environment design is based on both DevCloud and e-commerce products. The environment contains multiple access channels for different roles and provides standard tool sets for development teams, allowing for efficient communication between e-commerce companies and development teams as well as quick rollouts for e-commerce project iterations.


  • Customer participation
  • Multiple access channels
  • DevOps environment delivery
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