Cloud Migration

The cloud migration solution integrates migration processes, methods, tools, and professional teams to help you easily migrate your current workloads to HUAWEI CLOUD.
Solution Advantages
  • Customized

    Migration solutions are customized based on your actual system environments and application features to help you migrate your services seamlessly.

  • Professional

    Professional service teams, either from the original equipment manufacturers or who have been certificated by Huawei, lay a foundation for project management, migration assessment, analysis, deployment, optimization, and assurance.

  • Productive

    Comprehensive automatic migration tools are provided so that you can seamlessly migrate your hosts, databases, and storage data to the public cloud, minimizing the errors and inefficiencies caused by manual intervention.

  • Seamless

    Adopting reasonable migration solutions, tools, and data synchronization technologies significantly reduces service interruption time during migrations.

Business Challenges
  • Complex Service Scenarios

    Complex IT architectures and a variety of hardware devices; various middleware and versions; complex customer service system correlation.

  • Long Service Downtime

    Real-time services and service continuity require increasingly short downtime windows. Comprehensive migration plans and proper migration paths are key factors in performing successful migrations and preventing them from adversely affecting services.

  • Weak Data Consistency

    Zero service data loss is a prerequisite for migrations. As the quantity of data grows significantly, the core objective for any migration solution is to ensure data consistency by effectively identifying and continuously synchronizing incremental data.

  • Long Migration Duration

    Large quantities of service migration data; suboptimal utilization of transmission bandwidth; lack of tool automation; inefficient manual deployment.

Typical Scenarios
  • Host Migration

  • Database Migration

  • Object Storage Migration

  • Big Data Migration

  • Online Promotion and Flash Sale

Host Migration

Simply, quickly, and seamlessly migrates your physical servers and virtual machines (VMs) running on private clouds or other public clouds to the Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) service on HUAWEI CLOUD.

  1. Multi-Platform Support

    Hosts to be migrated can be x86 physical servers and VMs running on private clouds or other public clouds.

  2. Multi-OS Support

    OSs of hosts to be migrated can be mainstream Windows and Linux OSs.

  3. Data Security Assurance

    Data is encrypted for transmission throughout the process.

  4. Incremental Data Synchronization

    Incremental data generated on the source end during migrations can be synchronized, ensuring data consistency between the source and destination ends and minimizing service switchover time.

  5. Transmission Efficiency

    Data transmission volumes can be reduced and migration duration can be shortened by compressing data and eliminating invalid data blocks.

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Database Migration

Data Replication Service (DRS) is a cloud service for migrating and synchronizing databases. It simplifies data transmission processes and reduces transmission costs.

  1. Live Database Migrations

    Migrates databases without interrupting services, minimizing any adverse impact on services caused by database breakdowns during migrations.

  2. Multiple Database Engines

    Migrates existing MySQL to RDS for MySQL. Migrates existing Microsoft SQL Server to RDS for SQL Server.

  3. Multiple Network Scenarios

    Transmits data using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network environment on HUAWEI CLOUD.

  4. Multiple Auxiliary Migration Functions

    Provides auxiliary functions such as the ability to monitor migration tasks or to compare data consistency.

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Object Storage Migration

Object Storage Migration Service (OMS) is a cloud service for migrating and synchronizing object storage. It migrates object storage efficiently, conveniently, and securely, reducing difficulties and costs associated with data migrations.

  1. Support for Public Clouds from Mainstream Cloud Vendors

    Supports data migrations from object storage services on other public clouds to Object Storage Service (OBS) on HUAWEI CLOUD.

  2. Concurrent Migrations

    Supports multiple concurrent tasks and migrations of tens of millions of files, improving migration efficiency.

  3. No Need to Retransmit Data After a Network Interruption

    If a network interruption occurs during data transmission, you can manually restart the transmission of the remaining data.

  4. Secure Transmission and Storage

    Data can be encrypted using HTTPS to ensure its security during transmission. For additional security, data migrated to OBS on HUAWEI CLOUD can be encrypted with server-side encryption using Key Management Service (SSE-KMS).

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Big Data Migration

CDM enables batch data migration among homogeneous and heterogeneous data sources. It is especially suitable for migrating on-premises data or data on third-party clouds to HUAWEI CLOUD EI big data services.

  1. Support for Nearly 20 Types of Data Sources

    Data sources, for example, self-built on-premises file systems and the file systems on public clouds (such as OBS, NAS, FTP, and SFTP), relational databases (such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and Db2), DWS, and NoSQL databases (such as Redis and MongoDB), are supported.

  2. Data Migrations Between Heterogeneous Data Sources

    Data migrations between different types of data sources, for example, MySQL to Elasticsearch, are supported. You only need to consider data without caring about storage system differences.

  3. Support for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)

    During data migrations, a wide range of field-level data conversion functions, for example, sensitive information deletions, character string changes, and date format conversion, are supported.

  4. Ease of Use

    The wizard-based migration configuration interface provides out-of-the-box usability.

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Online Promotion and Flash Sale

Scale compute resources up and down to ensure your services remain tuned to in-the-moment requirements.

  1. Elastic load balancing

    ELB automatically expands load distribution capabilities based on the traffic.

  2. Dynamic expansion

    ECS and RDS provided by HUAWEI CLOUD can be dynamically extended based on preset scaling policies to cope with service peaks arising from large-scale promotion and flash-sale events, thereby ensuring service stability during the high-access periods.

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Migration Process

Phase 1: Evaluation and Research

Collect service application information on the live network, check on-premises resources, streamline business processes and mutually-dependent relationships, and schedule data migration to HUAWEI CLOUD.

Phase 2: Planning and Designing

Plan migration policies, determine the product portfolio and migration schemes, and formulate a comprehensive plan for migrating services to the cloud based on your business goals and vision.

Phase 3: Migration Implementation

HUAWEI CLOUD provides multiple powerful and flexible migration tools. It combines extensive industry migration experience with qualified partner plans to help you migrate your services simply and efficiently, with minimal adverse impact on services.

Phase 4: Optimization

Use well-proven practices to transform the applications migrated to the cloud, monitor and optimize their configuration, and improve security, performance, and reliability, meeting customers' expectations of return on investment (ROI).

Recommended Services
  • Cloud Migration Consultation
    Analyzes the correlation of your service systems, evaluates the risks and impacts of migrations, and designs optimal migration plans based on the results.
  • Cloud Migration Implementation
    Formulates a specific solution and plan for service cloudification and implements end-to-end service cloudification based on current service scenarios.
  • Database Expert Support
    Provides you with a database migration service, professional performance optimization, and O&M assurance for databases on the cloud.

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