Enterprise Cloud Box

The Enterprise Cloud Box solution provides centralized, secure data storage for personal workspace. It supports automatic synchronization between platforms and between terminals for enhanced linkage, share, and collaboration between employees. It helps your organization extract more value from your data assets.
Solution Advantages
  • Agile Office Mobility

    Provides fully localized operation, and supports quick file locating and advanced searches with combined metadata, achieving new levels of efficiency in mobile office.

  • Efficient Work Platform

    Provides a platform to centrally manage enterprise knowledge. Allows internal and external collaboration with automatic lock on the PC and real-time communication.

  • Secure Document Management

    Adapts to the multi-level organization architecture with security policies to restrict access of different roles, ensuring document security and regulatory compliance.

  • Reliable Infrastructure

    99.99% availability at the infrastructure level and up to eleven-nines (99.999999999%) in data durability, cross-AZ disaster recovery and historical data archiving.

Business Challenges
  • Incomplete Backup

    Reluctance to move away from in-place backup schemes means many data assets remain unprotected.

  • Tedious Operations

    Employees have to go through tedious processes to specify file and folder permissions or attach individual files in emails while having to keep an eye on the size limits.

  • Roadblocks in Collaboration

    Sharing is hindered without a centralized storage, backup, and management profile; departments have a hard time sharing document libraries with teams from other departments.

  • Lack of Mobility

    Files are restricted to physical locations and information must be accessed from a hard-wired connection, inhibiting effectiveness of collaboration efforts - especially for employees on the go.

Typical Scenarios
  • Reliable, Centralized Storage

  • File Sharing Inside a Department and Between Departments

  • Mobile Office

  • Real-Time Data Backup and Restoration

Reliable, Centralized Storage


The explosive growth in unstructured file data has gone beyond the processing capabilities of traditional file management systems such as file servers, FTP servers, PCs, mobile devices, and mail boxes.

  1. Centralized Storage

  2. Virtual disk mode (in Windows): Data from each workstation is stored on the cloud, and is presented as drive Z on individual virtual desktops.

  3. Synchronization mode: Desktop data is automatically synchronized to the cloud for centralized storage and enhanced security.

  4. Mobile/Online mode: iOS, Android, and web terminals.

  5. Third-party application integration: integrated with the Microsoft Office plug-in, OWAS plug-in, and CAD preview tool.

  6. Robust Reliability

  7. Service reliability: Service clusters support multi-node disaster recovery to ensure service continuity.

  8. Storage reliability: OBS delivers eleven-nines (99.999999999%) reliability to protect data assets and supports disaster recovery for data centers in a single region.

  9. Permission control: document permission control, security level–based permission control, and anti-leak permission control.

File Sharing Inside a Department and Between Departments


Branches and departments transfer files using email accounts or NAS shares, and manually manage file versions. This approach makes improving productivity rather difficult.

  1. Localized User Experience

    Enterprise users enjoy localized operation experience without having to change their use habits:

  2. Windows environment, with the same familiar Internet Explorer-based operations.

  3. Mac OS environment, with Finder operations.

  4. Local caching and no latency.

  5. Convenient Sharing

  6. Document libraries: shared document libraries provided in the teamspace, enabling departments to share resources with new levels of efficiency.

  7. File locks: File conflict locks ensure file version consistency.

  8. Online office editing by multiple persons: Multiple persons can edit the same document online in parallel.

  9. Intelligent Search and Locating

  10. Files located within seconds: User can enter a keyword to search for documents.

  11. File categorization: Multiple categorization options are available, including individual files, shared files, and team files.

Mobile Office


  1. 1. In the past, people on business trips had to go through the sluggish process of opening their PCs or browsing through printed documents to obtain needed information.

  2. 2. After an unexpected event occurs, people on the spot need to immediately transfer photo or document records of the event to their enterprise headquarters for analysis and archival.

  3. Powerful Mobile Office Functions

  4. Wide terminal compatibility: iOS, Android, and web.

  5. Online previewing: online previewing of files in common formats including Microsoft Office, audio, and DWG files.

  6. Full-text search: searching for files by file name or content.

  7. Permission Authorization

  8. Phone-account binding: Users can bind their service accounts with specified mobile phone numbers to allow only authorized persons to access their resources on Enterprise Cloud Box with SMS authentication.

  9. Permission control: supports fine-grained control with permission-based sharing, link-based sharing, invitation-based sharing, and anti-leakage, and other types of policies.

Real-Time Data Backup and Restoration


  1. 1. With conventional data storage, it is complicated to migrate data from obsolete devices.

  2. 2. Once the device carrying the data is lost or damaged, data can never be restored.

  3. 3. If a file is accidentally deleted, its data cannot be restored.

  4. Effective Data Protection Mechanisms

  5. Comprehensive synchronization mechanisms: online real-time synchronization, offline operations and online synchronization, directory synchronization, directory upload, and synchronization task management.

  6. Security audits: auditing based on document security levels and security policies against unauthorized copying, printing, and screen capturing.

  7. Fine-grained restoration mechanisms: directory restoration, synchronization of files of a specified file type, restoration of data after deletion in web recycle bins, and restoration to historical file versions.

Solution Architectures


Enterprise Cloud Box is a one-stop solution that is easy to deploy, cost-effective, reliable, and responsive. Build your work space how you want it and leave the rest to us.


  • Easy to use: operations similar to those in a local operating system
  • Move of data across storage classes throughout the lifecycle, saving your expenditure on storage
  • Clustered deployment with 99.99% availability
  • 99.999999999% data durability
  • Full-coverage security solution

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