Connected Car

Provides stable and secure cloud services and big data and AI capabilities, making connected cars smarter.
Solution Advantages
  • Hundreds of Millions of Connections from Vehicles of Various Models

    Supports scalability to provide hundreds of millions of connections, efficient information processing, and quick adaptation to multiple models of vehicles.

  • Secure and Reliable, Full Control by Enterprises

    Adopts device-pipe-cloud security protection. Data autonomy is fully controlled by enterprises. HUAWEI CLOUD cooperates with industry partners to build an ecosystem.

  • Open Architecture for Easy Interconnection with External Systems

    Based on the open and open-source architecture, the Connected Car platform streamlines R&D, production, and sales activities to maximize data value.

  • Smooth Evolution

    Based on Huawei-developed chips and networks, as well as cloud-and-network synergy, the Connected Car solution supports future-oriented, intelligent evolution.

Business Challenges
  • Difficulty in Supporting Massive Concurrent Access Requests

    IoV requires the concurrent access of massive data, including vehicle status, GPS location, surrounding environment awareness, traffic information awareness, vehicle-to-vehicle awareness, and human behavioral data. The platform load increases with service development.

  • Difficulty in Mining Values from Massive Data

    Data is a valuable asset for enterprises but many do not know how to effectively use it. Enterprises do not have effective means of using big data technologies to dig valuable information from the massive data of the automobile industry, so as to provide a driving force for their business innovation and operational efficiency improvement.

  • Lack of Enablement Platforms for Application Development

    As a key driving force for IoV development, abundant IoV applications not only provide intelligent management for enterprises but also become the key to enhancing user loyalty. To reduce development costs and shorten rollout time, an application development platform is required to quickly develop, easily deploy, and simply manage IoV applications.

  • Difficulty in Guaranteeing IoV Security

    IoV covers diverse data collection environments and complex network transmission environments. It involves core data assets such as enterprise, vehicle, and user data. Security is important for vehicle control and auxiliary driving scenarios, where hacker attacks will directly threaten personal safety.

Typical Scenarios
  • High Performance for Massive Vehicle Access

  • Big Data for Service Innovation

  • Enablement Platform for Application Development

  • All-around Protection for Service Security Guarantee

High Performance for Massive Vehicle Access

Provides a stable and reliable connection platform to support real-time access of hundreds of millions of vehicles.

  1. Multi-protocol Support

    Supports multiple protocols, such as JT/T 808, NGTP, GBIT 32960, and MQTT. Provides a plug-in toolkit based on the OSGi framework at the cloud access side, facilitating access of vehicle-mounted devices using proprietary protocols.

  2. Robust Performance

    Supports real-time access to hundreds of millions of data connections. High-speed message buses satisfy the requirements for efficient data routing. Distributed cache supports tens of millions of concurrent read/write operations. The millisecond-level response mechanism ensures service quality and user experience.

  3. Access Security

    Supports TLS bidirectional certificate authentication to ensure access security of vehicles.

  4. High Reliability and Stability

    Each module adopts a highly reliable and stable design. Elastic scalability and smooth capacity expansion enable the Connected Car platform to easily cope with the impact of traffic in peak hours.

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Big Data for Service Innovation

Uses big data technologies to drive service innovation for enterprises.

  1. Full-stack Data Analysis

    Based on the open-source ecosystem, the Connected Car solution provides full-stack big data analysis and modeling capabilities to efficiently process and analyze IoV data. The solution also provides data support for fleet management, driver profile, fuel consumption analysis, and personalized recommendations, helping enterprises optimize the service innovation and directions of their management and business operations.

  2. Diverse Storage Types

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides the appropriate storage types for IoV data so that it can be used on-demand, greatly reducing storage costs. CloudTable supports data storage and query with time series tags. It also offers high-performance read/write capabilities and data compression technologies.

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Enablement Platform for Application Development

Provides a one-stop enablement platform to implement efficient application development.

  1. Basic Support Components

    Provides comprehensive application development support components for users with application development capabilities. These components include basic IaaS, middleware, message queues, and development and test tools.

  2. Enablement Modules

    Provides application enablement modules. Developers can select the required modules and deploy and orchestrate them on the platform for fast application development. They can perform secondary development on the modules according to their requirements.

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All-around Protection for Service Security Guarantee

The professional cloud security service system protects the Connected Car system and important data.

  1. Data Access

    Supports bidirectional TLS certificate authentication and vehicle access authentication. Data is connected to HUAWEI CLOUD using VPN link encryption or Direct Connect to ensure data access security.

  2. User Access

    When a user accesses the Connected Car application system through the Internet, a series of measures, such as identity verification, rights control, and behavior audit, are conducted to ensure legal access and issue backtracking.

  3. System Security

    Adopts the IP/Session/APP (ISA) reputation mechanism and can define against multiple types of attacks. Database Security Service (DBSS) provides sensitive data discovery, data anonymization, database audit, and injection attack prevention to ensure the security of the cloud database. Security Assessment Service (SAS) helps users quickly detect security vulnerabilities and threats. It also provides a security configuration check and excellent practice suggestions.

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Solution Architectures


Based on HUAWEI CLOUD, the Connected Car platform supports hundreds of millions of connections and provides enterprises and individuals with support for highly secure, high-performance, and reliable services. It adopts precise big data analysis and an abundance of cloud services to help enterprises in service innovation. The open architecture can be easily interconnected with external systems. By streamlining R&D, production, and sales activities, the platform helps enterprises improve operational efficiency.


  • One-stop cloud service
  • Comprehensive security design
  • Connections to hundreds of millions of vehicles
  • Flexible combination of full-stack big data services
  • Flexible architecture selection
  • Open and easy to integrate
  • Cloud-and-network synergy
  • Evolution to autonomous/unmanned driving
Recommended Services
  • IoT Platform
    Data collected by vehicle-mounted devices can be easily uploaded to the IoT platform to make data accessible on the cloud. Additionally, the IoT platform provides efficient, visualized vehicle management.
  • Machine Learning Service
    Machine Learning Service (MLS) is used to quickly discover data rules and build algorithm models, which apply to scenarios such as the analysis of driving behavior, vehicle status, and fuel consumption.
  • Cloud Stream Service
    Cloud Stream Service (CS) can read and analyze collected vehicle data and use the results for real-time track monitoring, vehicle status monitoring, and path planning, as well as geo-fence detection.

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