E-Commerce Appliances and Digital Products

This solution combines online wholesale, distribution, consumer attraction, and offline service for enterprises dealing with appliances and digital products.
Solution Advantages
  • Unified Management

    Provides electronic catalogs, shortens the sales process, integrates the supply chain, streamlines ERP, and synchronizes inventory (online and offline channels) in real time to improve the turnover rate of products.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    Combines online consumer attraction + offline service to implement a standard, process-based 3C after-sales service.

  • Precision Marketing

    Uses big data analysis, enabling enterprises to track and collate online and offline consumer behavior required for precision marketing.

  • Secure and Neutral

    HUAWEI CLOUD's well-defined service boundaries ensure that consumer applications and data are not touched. Enterprises build lock-in free e-commerce platforms and have complete control over their data.

Business Challenges
  • Low Service Efficiency, Varying Standards

    Most retail stores have low service efficiency and lack the knowledge required to market multiple products and accessories. Adding to the dilemma, store management and service standards vary across locations, leading to an inconsistent consumer experience.

  • Difficult Control on Pricing and Quality

    Pricing and quality of appliances and digital products are difficult to control due to complex channels and transaction procedures.

  • Poor User Experience

    Retail stores and service centers are at different locations, making it cumbersome for consumers to visit service centers to repair faulty products.

  • Difficulty in Integrating Online and Offline Channels

    Tracking and collating online and offline consumer behavior is difficult because enterprises offer both online and offline sales channels. As a result, precision marketing cannot be realized.

Business Framework

The e-commerce appliances and digital products solution integrates all arms, including online sales, offline logistics, warehousing, distribution, after-sales service, and financial systems.

Solution Architecture


Powered by HUAWEI CLOUD, the comprehensive B2B2C+O2O solution addresses the challenges faced by enterprises dealing with appliances and digital products.


  1. Cloud security

    HUAWEI CLOUD guarantees security of products and e-commerce platforms.

  2. Access layer

    Supports a large number of concurrent connections and distributes load based on service types to cope with service peaks.

  3. Web/service layer

    Facilitates seamless deployment of e-commerce web pages and underlying service logic. Services can be quickly deployed through clusters, and can be automatically scaled according to service load.

  4. Middle layer

    Processes numerous messages to handle service peaks, provides high-speed cache to accelerate processing of cached data, and provides distributed database middleware to enhance concurrent processing capabilities.

  5. Data layer

    Uses relational databases to deliver reliable, secure, and easy-to-use capabilities required for processing massive amounts of data.

  6. Management and O&M

    Provides full lifecycle management of microservices, enabling rapid adaption to market changes and improving O&M efficiency.

Recommended Services
  • RDS for MySQL
    Relational Database Service (RDS) is a web service on HUAWEI CLOUD. It is reliable, scalable, economical, easy to manage, and ready to use out-of-the-box. With RDS, you can create a single instance, instances in high availability (HA) mode, and read replicas in a DB cluster.
  • Distributed Message Service
    During peak shopping days, information about orders can be stored as messages in queues first and then read from queues and processed for shipment and delivery separately over e-commerce sites.
  • Distributed Database Middleware
    Distributed Database Middleware (DDM) removes the capacity and performance bottlenecks of databases and solves distributed expansion issues. DDM supports sharding, read/write isolation, and elastic scaling, enabling high concurrent access to mass data and improving database read/write performance.

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