Financial Omni-Channel

By combining industrial features and Huawei's cloud services, this solution provides end-to-end cloud services for financial customers such as banks, insurance agents, security companies, or Internet finance enterprises. It helps customers quickly migrate their services to the cloud, promoting fast growth and improving their competitiveness.
Solution Advantages
  • Cost Reduction

    ELB works with AS to handle a great quantity of?concurrent requests and flexibly scale resources. This helps cope with services during peak hours in a cost-effectively manner.

  • Security and Reliability

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides financial enterprises with secure and reliable one-stop cloud solutions, concentrating their efforts on core business development.

  • Service Neutrality

    To protect customer privacy and partner interests, Huawei scrupulously abides by service neutrality. They are not involved in other applications or data, nor do they invest in any other service partners.

  • Business Innovation

    Artificial intelligence and other innovative services enable customers to transform their business transactions, payment verification, investment management, risk control, and help them step into the Artificial Intelligence era.

Business Challenges
  • High Costs During Business Surges

    In the Internet era, financial enterprises retaining traditional IT architecture must invest in IT resources that can handle business surges during peak hours. This decreases the overall annual resource utilization and increases the enterprises' IT investment load.

  • Difficult Business Innovation

    As market competition has become increasingly intense, all financial enterprises must continuously perform profound transformations and innovations to compete with rivals. However, traditional IT architecture is slow in applying new technologies, thus severely hindering innovation.

  • High Network Security Risk

    Enterprises are facing different forms of network attacks, such SQL injection, XSS attacks, DDoS attacks, and Trojan horses. Therefore, they need a professional security team and effective security products to safeguard their data.

  • Huge Investments on DR Centers

    To ensure reliable and smooth service operations, financial enterprises build their own data centers and deploy services in three data centers at two different sites. The initial investments for such construction are huge.

Typical Scenarios
  • Exclusive Resources

  • Comprehensive Protection

  • Intra-City and Remote DR

  • Easy Handling of Service Surges

Exclusive Resources

An exclusive resource pool is deployed for financial enterprises to meet security compliance requirements.

  1. Exclusive Resources

    DeC isolates a dedicated physical resource pool for tenants on HUAWEI CLOUD. Users can exclusively use physical devices, as well as computing, storage, and network resources. This helps meet compliance requirements.

  2. Dedicated Physical Resources

    Tenants can use BMSs as dedicated physical servers to provide excellent computing capabilities and ensure data security for core databases, key application systems, and high-performance computing services.

  3. Dedicated Computing Cluster

    Elastic Cloud Server

    Bare Metal Server

    Dedicated Distributed Storage Service

    Dedicated Enterprise Storage Service

Comprehensive Protection

HUAWEI CLOUD provides a professional cloud security service system to ensure both application and data security for financial businesses.

  1. Anti-DDoS

    Anti-DDoS protects customers' Internet applications against DDoS attacks, including Challenge Collapsar, SYN Flood, and UDP Flood attacks.

  2. Web Application Firewall

    To safeguard the security of financial applications, WAF detects abnormal HTTP requests to prevent web page tampering, information leakage, and Trojan horse implanting.

  3. Database Security Service

    By using reverse proxy and machine learning, DBSS provides sensitive data discovery, data masking, database auditing, and SQL injection prevention to ensure the security of cloud databases.

  4. Web Application Firewall


    Host Security Service

    Database Security Service

Intra-City and Remote DR

The intra-city and remote disaster recovery capability of HUAWEI CLOUD is reliably deployable.

  1. Four Regions and Seven Data Centers

    Huawei has built seven data centers in four regions. This helps financial businesses easily realize both intra-city and remote disaster recovery, ensuring service reliability and financial supervision.

  2. Nearest Access and Real-Time Response

    Relying on the high bandwidth of HUAWEI CLOUD and sound infrastructure in economically developed cities, financial enterprises can deploy their services in the nearest data centers for real-time responses.

Easy Handling of Service Surges

Elastic computing resources are automatically scaled up or down to deal with service surges and keep services running smoothly.

  1. Elastic Load Balance

    ELB automatically expands load balancing capabilities as traffic changes. It can process up to 100 million concurrent connections and features an iterative design. It can still work properly even with a faulty node, thus ensuring high service reliability.

  2. Flexible Scaling

    ECSs and RDS can be dynamically extended based on preset scaling policies. This helps financial businesses cope with service peaks.

  3. Elastic Cloud Server

    Elastic Load Balance

    Auto Scaling

Solution Architectures


By integrating different cloud services, HUAWEI CLOUD provides a one-stop solution that features low cost, high reliability, and elastic scaling for financial enterprises such as banks, insurance companies, securities companies, and Internet finance enterprises. By working with Enterprise Intelligence, this solution enables financial enterprises to innovate their business transactions, payment verification, investment management, and risk control strategies. It improves user experience and realizes data monetization.


  • A large quantity of access requests are easily handled during peak hours.
  • Network resources are isolated at layers 2 and 3, meeting high-level security isolation requirements.
  • A variety of big data and artificial intelligence services are provided to meet business innovation demands.
  • Faulty ECSs are automatically recovered, data is stored as multiple copies, and restoration from backup data is supported.
  • Compatibility with standard open-source big data APIs avoids vendor lock-in.
  • Comprehensive protection ensures data security.
Recommended Services
  • Elastic Load Balance
    Elastic Load Balance (ELB) automatically distributes incoming traffic across multiple Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) to balance their workload, increasing the service capabilities and fault tolerance of your applications.
  • Distributed Message Service
    Distributed Message Service (DMS) is a fully managed, high-performance message queuing service that enables reliable, flexible, and asynchronous communication between distributed applications. It supports HTTP APIs, the TCP SDK, and the Kafka SDK.
  • RDS for MySQL
    Relational Database Service (RDS) is a web service on HUAWEI CLOUD. It is reliable, scalable, economical, easy to manage, and ready to use out-of-the-box. With RDS, you can create a single instance, instances in high availability (HA) mode, and read replicas in a DB cluster.

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