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Gaming Industry

After nearly two years of explosive development, the gaming industry now benefits less from demographic dividends, as the mobile game user population has almost reached a peak. Meanwhile, mobile games have become increasingly similar to each other, and the need for innovative games has never been greater. As playing and payment habits have become relatively fixed, it is expected that mobile games will enter into a stable development period in the coming three to five years. At the same time, the demand for high-quality games has increased.

To improve payment rates and increase payment amounts, game developers must improve product quality, focus on innovation, refine data analysis, and integrate marketing resources.

At present, game developers need to change development mode and provide high-quality products through one-stop development platforms and tools.


Business Challenges

  • Quick Rollout to Seize Market Opportunities

    Due to limited game IP resources and the similarity of mobile games, game developers need to be sensitive to popular game types and roll out high-quality products quickly to seize market opportunities. Many enterprises lose market opportunities due to their unstable development mode, low team efficiency, and high management and communication costs.

  • Refined Operation and Market Potential Discovery

    Refined operation is required to explore market potentials. Game development teams must continuously optimize their products based on player feedback and roll out and update products quickly. Therefore, an efficient tool platform is required to support frequent updates and the handling of emergencies.

  • High Payment Rate and Player Loyalty

    High-quality games require standardized and systematic quality assurance. If proper test management and backtracking mechanisms are lacking, issues such as the unawareness of player needs and the closure of defects will arise. In addition, if mobile games cannot ensure compatibility with popular device models, player loss will be inevitable.

Typical Scenarios

  • Agile Delivery of Products

  • Acceleration of Game Engine Integration and Build

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery

  • Automatic Tests

Agile Delivery of Products

This business scenario can help game developers build a zero-cost Agile development mode and achieve efficient version management for code and art resources.

Agile Project Management

By using the ProjectMan and TestMan of DevCloud, teams using the Scrum agile process to develop products can plan brain maps of games, prepare iterative plans, perform requirement analysis, task breakdown, and defect tracing, and develop products through efficient teamwork.

Coordination of Code and Art Resources

This business mode provides distributed large-scale online code and hosted services of art resources for game developers, including code clone, download, submission, push, comparison, merge, and branch functions. In addition, it supports version management of art resource files by improving usage efficiency and solving resources management issues.

Applicable Products & Services

Acceleration of Game Engine Integration and Build

The one-stop DevOps platform supports mainstream game engines and achieves parallel building between clients and servers within minutes.

Supporting Mainstream Game Engines

The platform uses the cloud parallel compilation technology for quick compilation and building to shorten the delivery period, and supports the compilation and building of Android game clients.

Accelerated Server Building

The platform uses Huawei's advanced compilation and building acceleration technologies and cloud services for paralleled compilation. As a result, the compilation and building time of the game server is shortened from hours to minutes, delivery speed is improved, and client building costs are reduced.

Applicable Products & Services

Continuous Integration and Delivery

The platform makes possible continuous integration and seamless delivery.

One-Click Parallel Deployment for High Efficiency

The platform provides visualized and one-click deployment services. It supports parallel deployment, seamless pipelined integration, deployment with independent management cabinets and CMDB systems, standardized deployment environments, and an automatic deployment process.

Automatic Pipeline

The platform provides visualized, customized, automatic, and paralleled delivery pipeline for continuous integration and delivery. It also supports the automatic generation of pipeline version numbers. Historical building packages can be automatically archived and pipeline history records can be redeployed.

Applicable Products & Services

Automatic Tests

Professional game compatibility testing ensures player loyalty.


Covering 20,000+ phones and 95% device models, MobileAppTest provides mobile app compatibility testing services. You simply provide the APK and specify the models you want to test. Let MobileAppTest perform an in-depth test to check for 11 categories of issues (unexpected crashes, no response, etc.), monitor performance indicators, produce a detailed report containing screenshots and logs, and provide issue analysis and repair suggestions.

Solution Architectures


The one-stop DevOps platform can help game developers practice agile and DevOps development concepts, improve development efficiency, reduce development costs, and consistently deliver high-quality products.


  • Mainstream development scenarios supported
  • Full integration
  • Cloud adoption
  • High performance
  • High security
  • Highly intelligent

Solution Advantages

Customized for Game Development

Provides development solutions that meet industry standards, and help game developers smoothly transit to agile development and quickly practice the advanced development concepts of DevOps.

High Performance

Uses the cloud cluster acceleration to improve building efficiency and deployment experience.

E2E Tool Services

Offers services covering the full lifecycle of games. By integrating with Huawei cloud services, the platform makes simplified deployment and product release possible, and improves development efficiency.

High Security

Ensures enterprise data security through comprehensive system security hardening, storage and transmission of encrypted core data, and role-based enterprise-level security control.

Recommended Configurations

  • Medium-sized

Medium-sized Game Developers (500 Staff)

Development Personnel Ratio

50% to 80%

  • Product
  • DevCloud Package

    Charged by the number of users (The package includes ProjectMan, CloudPipeline, CodeCheck, CloudBuild, CloudDeploy, CloudRelease, and TestMan.)


  • MobileAppTest

    Pay per use


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