Game Security

Bolstered by years of enterprise-level security expertise and with the service architecture specifically in mind, Huawei offers professional, stable, and reliable game security solutions to address typical risks in the industry.
Solution Advantages
  • Expert Assurance

    HUAWEI CLOUD experts are on standby 24/7 to offer assistance during key events such as new game rollouts and new server openings.

  • Data Security and Privacy

    Customers around the world trust Huawei to keep their data safe and secure. Huawei strives to maintain data privacy and never accesses nor profits from data without customers' knowledge.

  • Health Check

    Huawei's security experts can identify more than 10 types of potential security risks and provide suggestions for protecting against them.

  • Professional Cleaning

    Implementing the most fine-grained detection in the industry, heavy-traffic DDoS traffic cleaning supports 7-layer filtering, packet-based detection, and layer-by-layer cleaning, blocking various types of attacks.

Business Challenges
  • DDoS and CC Attacks

    The changing nature and complexity of attack patterns along with an increase in attack frequency can result in serious game service interruptions.

  • Game Account Theft

    Attackers can exploit system vulnerabilities and use automation tools to steal game accounts, negatively impacting the gaming experience for those targeted.

  • Cheat Programs

    Malicious players can crack game clients and use cheat programs to obtain advantages and tamper with data, compromising gaming fairness.

Typical Scenarios
  • DDoS and CC Protection

  • Account Theft Protection

  • Anti-Cheat Programs

DDoS and CC Protection

Defense Against Heavy-Traffic DDoS and CC Attacks

  1. Advanced Anti-DDoS (AAD)

    Compared to traditional protection, AAD is more secure and reliable in that it hides origin servers and provides elastic protection bandwidths. AAD also supports automatic attack detection and policy matching and can protect servers in real time, allowing cleaned traffic to be distributed in a fast and stable manner.

  2. Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    WAF uses IP addresses and cookie-based, human-machine identification technologies to defend against CC attacks. WAF also examines web requests to block OWASP Top 10 attacks.

  3. Advanced Anti-DDoS

    Web Application Firewall

Account Theft Protection

Defense Against Account Theft

  1. Database Security Service (DBSS)

    DBSS protects your cloud database from attacks by leveraging reverse proxy and machine learning technologies as well as functions such as sensitive data discovery, database auditing, data anonymization, and SQL injection prevention.

  2. Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    Based on multiple-time/hybrid code restoration capabilities in various scenarios, WAF examines HTTP requests and accurately intercepts OWASP Top 10 threats, such as SQL injection, XSS, and information leaks.

  3. Database Security Service

    Web Application Firewall

Anti-Cheat Programs

Defense Against Cheat Programs and Client Forgery

  1. Mobile Security Ecosystem

    In collaboration with multiple professional providers of mobile security services, HUAWEI CLOUD ensures full-lifecycle security for mobile apps, protecting against threats such as cheat tools and client forgery.

Solution Architectures


Bolstered by years of security expertise, Huawei offers professional, stable, and reliable game security solutions.


  • Data security and privacy
  • Heavy-traffic DDoS traffic cleaning
  • Thorough CC attack defense
  • Comprehensive account theft protection
Key Event Assurance


To facilitate key game events (such as new game rollouts), HUAWEI CLOUD experts design personalized monitoring and contingency plans. These plans take into account the specific network architecture, time period, and service type.


  • Proactive pre-inspection and contingency plans
  • Priority assistance and expert teams
  • Dedicated assurance and on-site assistance
Recommended Services
  • Advanced Anti-DDoS
    AAD is an advanced protection service based on anti-DDoS traffic cleaning devices and a big data operation platform. It hides and protects users' source sites by forwarding traffic.
  • Web Application Firewall
    Bolstered by Huawei's years of defensive expertise, WAF is able to meticulously filter HTTP (s) requests, ensuring network stability, while protecting against attacks and data leaks.
  • Database Security Service
    DBSS protects your cloud database from attacks by leveraging reverse proxy and machine learning technologies as well as functions such as sensitive data discovery, database auditing, and injection prevention.

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