Huawei leverages its accumulated ecological strengths and innovative technologies to provide comprehensive end-to-end government solutions to meet the intensive infrastructure construction, data interconnection, and application intelligence demands of governments.
Solution Advantages
  • Flexible Business Models

    Huawei provides comprehensive solutions and flexible business models tailored to governments' needs in various scenarios.

  • Extensive Experience

    By 2017, Huawei has successfully deployed many municipal and higher-level government clouds in China and worldwide.

  • Open Architecture and Ecosystem

    HUAWEI CLOUD is based on the OpenStack architecture and supports open cooperation, which helps build a global ecosystem.

  • Assured Security

    Huawei has a series of offerings with proprietary intellectual property rights, providing all-round security assurance from network, software, hardware, data, to management.

Business Challenges
  • Siloed IT Systems

    Governmental investment is scattered between different government bureaus with multiple data silos. There is no unified comprehensive platform, which can lead to repeated construction, difficult data collection and management.

  • Separate Management and Closed Systems

    The platforms, systems, applications, and data life cycles are not managed in a unified manner, which can lead to severe information loss. Moreover, a large number of closed systems limit data sharing capabilities, resulting in vendor lock-in.

  • Insufficient Decision-making Support

    Due to the lack of cross-bureau exchange and sharing of information, effective decision-making and analysis cannot be performed in a timely manner, making event development out of control.

  • Inadequate Security

    The quality of applications, platforms, and open-source components in the complex government networks varies, leading to poor system security and reliability.

Solution Architectures


Huawei teams up with top partners in the industry to build a unified public service platform for governments based on HUAWEI CLOUD infrastructure. The platform provides government office, urban management, economic operation, and livelihood services. Leveraging its open architectures, HUAWEI CLOUD provides government customers with flexible deployment of standard, dedicated, and resident cloud services.


  • Separation of data from services
  • Unified data management, hitless service migration
  • Systematic security assurance
  • Flexible, on-demand IaaS capabilities
  • Leading Big Data mining and analysis tools
  • Advanced network-wide backup and disaster recovery
  • Complete graphic management

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