Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery and Backup

The Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery and Backup solution provides customers with multi-cloud and cross-cloud DR and backup capabilities with support for comprehensive data protection policies. It guarantees service continuity and keeps critical data secure with solution-level high reliability.
  • Low Cost

    No need to build a DR equipment room, purchase physical devices and software, or assign dedicated maintenance and testing personnel.

  • Rapid Drill

    Easily perform a DR drill at any time; complete drilling in as little as a few hours.

  • Full Platform Support

    The solution supports common Linux and Windows editions, mainstream virtualization platforms such as KVM, Xen, and VMware; and such popular databases as Oracle and MySQL.

  • Coverage for All DR Requirements

    10 years of accumulated expertise in providing standardized DR services for government and enterprise customers alike. Working with partners, further adaptability capabilities are made possible for your specific use case.

Business Challenges
  • High Costs in DR Center Builds and O&M

    To build a traditional DR center, enterprises need to build or rent equipment rooms and invest lots of manpower in maintenance and testing. Accomplishing the full DR mode incurs high CAPEX and OPEX as the arms of both or multiple centers must reach the same scale and achieve near real-time transmission.

  • Many Restrictions on DR Drills

    If a DR drill is performed in a traditional DR center, equipment rooms and cables need to be scheduled, and some cold standby devices need to be powered on, which causes a high fault rate. Switchovers may delay or even fail at the critical moment in spite of the drills, leaving the enterprise vulnerable with weak service recovery capabilities.

  • Complicated Data Synchronization Policies

    The synchronization policies for hosts, databases, and storage devices are complicated and restricted by the transmission distance and data volume. In addition, the data encryption/decryption mechanism complicates deployments and maintenance. As a result, some data becomes invalid, or the system cannot meet the designed RPO.

  • Architecture Difficult to Implement

    Core services require multi-center architectures to ensure service continuity, requiring large amounts of investment and extensive consideration in design as to how all the parts of the architecture will collaborate. Implementing this architecture with a traditional DR model equates to high costs and the benefits are limited.

Typical Scenarios
  • Cross-Cloud Backup

  • Cross-Cloud DR (DeC)

  • On-Cloud DR

Cross-Cloud Backup

Cost-Effective and Secure Enterprise Backup Solution

  1. Economical and Efficient Backup

    Storage resources are billed by usage. Upfront investments are reduced by 20% to 80%. Data is transmitted after deduplication and compression, saving you big on storage costs while shortening the backup window often by as much as 75%.

  2. Secure and Reliable Data Transmission and Backup

    Data is encrypted throughout the entire process: at the source end, during transmission, and in OBS. Data durability reaches 99.99999%.

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Cross-Cloud DR (DeC)

HA Public Cloud DR Center

  1. New IoT Connection Processing Module

  2. Selects the optimal replication technology for the layers and other particulars in your profile:

    Application layer: multi-cloud architecture and multi-cloud connections switchover
    Virtualization layer: data synchronization supported by the ecosystem cooperation solution
    Database layer: replication software of mainstream databases, such as Oracle and MySQL
    Storage layer: asynchronous replication of Huawei storage arrays to HUAWEI CLOUD dedicated storage (DSS)

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On-Cloud DR

Intra-City DR Capability with RPO = 0

  1. Enterprise-level DR-as-a-Service

  2. High reliability

    Provides VM-level DR protection across AZs (RPO = 0) and hour-level RTO to meet tier-5 DR standards. Quickly recover services if the production site goes down, minimizing service interruptions and helping eliminate data loss.

  3. Low cost

    Reduces the enterprise DR TCO and simplifies the DR process.

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Recommended Services
  • Bare Metal Server
    Bare Metal Server (BMS) provides dedicated physical servers in single-tenant environments. It provides excellent computing performance and data security for core databases, key application systems, and high performance computing. It also offers the high scalability of a cloud-based service. You can buy BMSs directly or in a DeC as you need.
  • Dedicated Distributed Storage Service
    Dedicated Distributed Storage Service (DSS) provides you with dedicated, physical storage resources. By flexibly interconnecting with various computing services, such as ECS, BMS, and DCC, DSS offers first-class performance in a wide-range of scenarios, including, HPC, OLAP, and hybrid loads.
  • RDS for MySQL
    Deploys active and standby instances in different AZs and implements real-time data hot backup. If an active instance becomes unavailable, the system automatically switches to the standby instance.

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