Medical Images

Population aging, unhealthy lifestyles, and environmental issues have increased the incidence of chronic diseases that require medical images to diagnose. Patients and hospitals need advanced medical equipment and efficient clinical solutions, so Huawei released the Medical Images solution.
Solution Advantages
  • Full-stack ICT Services

    HUAWEI CLOUD's full-stack ICT public cloud services meet the needs of the modern medical IoT, support data access and collection, and help customers exchange data.

  • Comprehensive Information Security

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides customers with secure and reliable information systems, defends against malicious attacks, and ensures the security of medical data.

  • Anytime & Anywhere Medical Image Access

    Huawei's OBS presents medical institutions with various options for archiving image data. It also integrates with core services such as DC and ECS to provide E2E reliability.

  • Secure & Integral Medical Imaging Information

    HUAWEI CLOUD has received many authentications, such as C-STAR, MIIT China's Trusted Cloud, and Cyberspace Administration of China's Cloud Service Cyber Security Evaluation.

Business Challenges
  • Molecular Imaging

    Recent developments in medical imaging equipment have permitted the comprehensive analysis of the human body. New tools, reagents, and methods have enabled doctors to probe abnormalities at the atomic and molecular levels.

  • Integrated Diagnosis & Treatment

    Anatomical images (CT, MRI, and B-mode ultrasound) and functional images (SPECT and PET) are generated using different principles, and doctors often find it difficult to make diagnoses if they only have one kind of image. Developing integrated equipment and processing methods is a major focus for computer-aided surgery simulation and treatment.

  • 3D Printing-Aided Medical Imaging

    3D printing has shown great promise in the medical and healthcare industries due to its obvious value when combined with medical imaging modeling and simulation technologies.

  • Small-sized & Network-based

    New technologies have resulted in the development of small and simple bedside medical imaging devices which can provide timely, accurate, and reliable information for use in intensive care, family medicine, and preventive healthcare.

Typical Scenarios
  • Medical Image Diagnosis Service

  • Image Diagnosis Teaching Service

  • Image Information Synergy Service

Medical Image Diagnosis Service

The continuing growth and aging of population drive expansion of the medical imaging cloud service market. Huawei's innovative yet affordable cloud services will enhance awareness of the latest image analysis technologies among medical institutions, doctors, and patients, increasing the demand for medical imaging services.

  1. Workspace

    Workspace is a HUAWEI CLOUD virtual Windows desktop and application service that allows users to access their cloud desktops from anywhere at any time. It also provides professional office applications that help users build simpler, safer, and more efficient IT office systems with lower O&M costs.

  2. GACS

    A GPU Accelerated Cloud Server (GACS) provides excellent floating point computing capabilities for scenarios that require real-time, high-concurrency massive computing resources. It is especially useful for deep learning, scientific computing, medical image analysis, and 3D reconstruction.

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Image Diagnosis Teaching Service

HUAWEI CLOUD's E2E data transmission, storage, and secure cloud access services provide all of the ICT capabilities necessary for the online and offline operation of an HD medical imaging teaching cloud platform with secure medical information sharing and collaboration.

  1. IAM

    Identity and Access Management (IAM) allocates different resources and operation permissions to enterprise members so that they can use access keys to access HUAWEI CLOUD resources through an open API.

  2. DEW

    Data Encryption Workshop (DEW) is secure, easy-to-use cloud-based key hosting service that employs a hardware security module (HSM) to protect its keys. You can use DEW with other HUAWEI CLOUD services to protect your data, or on its own to develop your own encryption applications.

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Image Information Synergy Service

The HUAWEI CLOUD platform facilitates the cross-region or cross-organization uploading, access, printing, and analysis of medical image data, providing a secure and reliable environment for online collaboration.

  1. ELB

    Elastic Load Balance (ELB) automatically distributes access traffic to multiple cloud servers to expand the service capability of application systems and achieve a higher level of fault tolerance. It balances the use of elastic computing server (ECS) to ensure the high availability of applications.

  2. VPC

    Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an isolated virtual network environment on HUAWEI CLOUD. Users can configure sub-services such as IP address segments, subnets, and security groups, and apply for elastic bandwidth and elastic IP addresses to set up their service systems.

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Solution Architectures


Population aging, unhealthy lifestyles and environmental issues increase the incidence of chronic diseases which require medical images to diagnose.


  • You can use DEW with other HUAWEI CLOUD services to protect your data.
  • The collaboration platform supports convenient transmission and sharing of data.
  • Imaging data can be printed using networked printers.
  • HUAWEI CLOUD supports online and offline medical image teaching.
  • HUAWEI CLOUD guarantees E2E information security.
  • HUAWEI CLOUD protects user data from being used illegally.
Recommended Services
  • Object Storage Service
    OBS provides 99.995% availability and 99.9999999999% durability. It provides cost-effective storage solutions for existing PACS applications.
  • Deep Learning Service
    DLS provides one-stop deep learning platform services. With various built-in optimized network model algorithms, DLS uses flexible scheduling to support on-demand model training, evaluation, and prediction.
  • GPU Accelerated Cloud Server
    GACS provides strong floating-point computing capabilities in scenarios that require real-time, high-concurrency massive computing and is well-suited for medical image processing and analysis scenarios.

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