Insurance Business

The Insurance Business solution leverages HUAWEI CLOUD services to rapidly construct and deploy insurance service systems that meet industry requirements for compliance, security, and reliability. It greatly lowers IT investment and facilitates insurance enterprises' digital transformation.
Solution Advantages
  • Accelerating Service Innovation

    Integrates rich AI services provided by Huawei's EI platform to reengineer insurance industry services and help enterprises develop a competitive edge.

  • Intra-city/Remote DR

    Leverages Huawei's worldwide data center networks to implement intra-city and remote DR and to provide high service reliability.

  • Service Neutrality

    Huawei adheres to strict service boundaries and does not touch consumers' data, target industry applications toward local markets, or make entity investments. We protect our customers' privacy and our partners' interests.

  • Professional Assurance Service

    Includes a procedural, standardized service support system and worldwide local teams to deliver 24/7 services.

Business Challenges
  • Non-agile Service Evolution

    To survive amid fierce competition and to satisfy market demands, insurance enterprises must be able to launch new products quickly.

  • Stagnant Service Innovation

    Success in the insurance industry requires that enterprises make profound changes and innovate continuously. The traditional IT architecture slows down the application of new technologies, severely affecting enterprises' ability to innovate and develop.

  • Internet Security Risks

    Insurance enterprises require a professional security team and effective security products to safeguard their service data from network attacks such as SQL injections, XSS attacks, DDoS attacks, and Trojan horses.

  • Large Investment in DR Center Construction

    To ensure that insurance services are stable and reliable, insurance enterprises may need to construct their own DCs. However, deploying DCs in geo-redundant mode is extremely costly.

Solution Architectures


Uses cloud technologies to reconstruct insurance enterprises' IT architecture, helping them to achieve their digital transformation and implement agile services.


  • Reduced IT investment and agile service delivery
  • Rapid innovation of insurance services
  • High availability of the service system
  • Physical service system deployment
Recommended Services
  • Bare Metal Server
    Supports the physical deployment of insurance services such as Oracle databases, satisfies the industry's strict compliance and data security requirements, and provides optimal computing performance and stability.
  • Dedicated Enterprise Storage Service
    Provides dedicated enterprise storage for customers who emphasize service deployment compliance and data security, and helps them to deliver high-performance, stable, and supervised services.
  • MapReduce Service
    Integrates Big Data and AI to support innovative insurance industry services in a variety of scenarios including anti-fraud, underwriting and claim settlement, risk control, and operational efficiency, improving their user experience and monetizing data.

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