HUAWEI CLOUD integrates big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to provide competitive logistic solutions that streamline the process from production, transportation, warehousing, and distribution. The solution reduces logistical costs, improves efficiency, and creates sustainable benefits for customers.
Solution Advantages
  • Elastic Scalability

    The IoT platform provides one-stop services to help users quickly build a secure and controllable storage and transportation management system.

  • Big Data

    Big Data analysis and intelligent EI services implement intelligent logistics management, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Open Architecture

    HUAWEI CLOUD is based on the open architecture of OpenStack. Service applications can be migrated flexibly and are not bound to specific vendors.

  • Security & Reliability

    HUAWEI CLOUD will not touch your applications or data. Logistics enterprises' application systems and data security are safeguarded by a professional cloud security system.

Business Challenges
  • Opaque Process, Low Efficiency

    The logistics process includes too many steps (multi-level warehousing, trunk lines, branch lines, distribution), and too many roles (cargo owners, agents, carriers, customers). Transportation and delivery processes are not transparent and hard to control, with low efficiency and high costs.

  • Low Satisfaction

    About 80% of e-commerce customers report that they are dissatisfied with their logistics experience due to slow speeds, lost or misdelivered goods, and the difficulty of making inquiries. Logistical issues are having a great impact on customer satisfaction.

  • Poor Data Support

    Existing logistical systems cannot help customers make timely decisions or understand the status of their operations because they do not track or analyze logistics or lifecycles. These systems urgently need to analyze their operations and to optimize their transportation paths and warehousing.

  • Low Reliability

    The logistics industry has high requirements for the security and reliability of service data, but self-built DR systems are very expensive. Rapid developments in IT require professional technical teams, and rapid service expansion requires IT systems with elastic scalability.

Typical Scenarios
  • Warehousing Management

  • Transportation Management

  • Intelligent Logistics

Warehousing Management

This service includes warehouse-in, warehouse-out, inventory, counting, and processing management. It can manage the network structure of multiple organizations and logistics centers and is applicable to a variety of logistical businesses including third-party, self-owned (chain distribution/production), and assembly logistics. Big Data solutions, such as sorting optimization, sales forecasting, and inventory optimization, can be used to reduce inventory costs.

  1. Inventory Optimization

    MapReduce Service (MRS) provides capabilities such as Hadoop, Spark, and HBase. It helps e-commerce enterprises obtain more accurate warehouse inventory data, process this inventory data more efficiently, and continuously optimize inventory based on intelligent sales forecasting and inventory tracking engines.

  2. Parallel Architecture

    A distributed parallel computing architecture, based on distributed database and elastic load balance (ELB) services, is used to process orders in parallel. This merges cargo in real time to improve the efficiency of order processing, but it is difficult to calculate warehouse operation workloads and there are only a few methods for estimating work efficiency. However, Big Data can be used to calculate optimal sorting modes and reduce the cost of labor.

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Transportation Management

Transportation management implements intelligent visualized management for transportation processes, including shipping order, order tracking, cargo tracking, personnel, and carrier management. This improves efficiency and reduces costs.

  1. Fleet Control & Mgmt.

    The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) allows millions of vehicles to be connected to the Internet. Logistics companies can monitor their progress in real time, including vehicle locations, speeds, driving routes, driving conditions, entry and exit areas, waiting times, fuel consumption, driving behavior, driver attendance, cargo temperatures, and cargo handling. This massive amount of real-time data connects each truck, cargo owner, transportation owner, and driver to improve the efficiency of transportation and match high-quality transportation resources more precisely.

  2. Cost Reduction

    HUAWEI CLOUD's EI platform provides intelligent services for calculating optimized transportation routes and reducing costs, including route optimization, intelligent loading, and warehouse-out route planning. It also helps enterprises make their warehouse-out plans based on actual sales conditions and sales forecasts, reducing the amount of time it takes to transfer goods between warehouses or other places, and improving transportation efficiency.

  3. Security and Reliability

    HUAWEI CLOUD integrates a wide range of cloud services into a one-stop solution that features low costs, high reliability, and scalability. Multiple security measures are provided to protect freight information and the privacy of cargo and fleet owners. Distributed architecture and cross-AZ deployment support uninterrupted, 24/7 services, and a world-class Internet security system ensures business security.

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Intelligent Logistics

The Intelligent Logistics solution uses AI and optimal technologies to facilitate the intelligent digital transformation of logistics enterprises, reduce the cost of logistical operations, and improve their efficiency. Intelligent Logistics applies to path selection planning, transportation route planning, and intelligent loading along the logistics chain.

  1. Route Planning

    Transportation routes can be optimized to increase vehicle loading rates, reduce the amount of time and total distance required for transportation, and lower transportation costs.

  2. Intelligent Loading

    Intelligent loading is used to estimate packing lists and calculate optimal placement policies, improving space utilization and packing security.

  3. Picking Path Planning

    Path selection planning helps logistics companies allocate vehicles, increase their full load ratio, and enhance their delivery efficiency.

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Solution Architectures

Logistics Cloud Architecture

HUAWEI CLOUD provides a one-stop cloud solution for logistics companies of any scale, helping customers deploy their services quickly and cost-effectively. It features high elasticity, high reliability, high concurrency, and robust security. Huawei also provides end-to-end ICT technologies and service support. Logistics companies can easily turn their challenges into opportunities with the help of Huawei's logistics IoT, data collection, and Big Data analytics technologies.


  • Millions of concurrent connections
  • Big Data analysis and intelligent EI services
  • Standard interface for easy interconnection
  • Open architecture
  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs
  • Comprehensive protection
Recommended Services
  • RDS for MySQL
    RDS can work in active/standby mode and supports the MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL database profile. It delivers low-cost, high-performance, easy-to-use, and reliable database services.
  • Distributed Message Service
    Information about orders can be stored as messages in queues first. The messages are then read from queues and processed for shipment and delivery separately.

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