Manufacturing MESaaS Solution

Manufacturing MESaaS leverages HUAWEI CLOUD capabilities and cooperation with partners to provide enterprises with a cloud Manufacturing Execution System (MES) featuring remote coordination, simplified deployment, and high reliability.
Solution Advantages
  • All-around Services

    Leveraging experience accumulated in equipment manufacturing and process manufacturing, Huawei can provide whole package services ranging from consultation to implementation based on cloud platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) access, allowing for effortless rollout of the MES system.

  • Remote Collaboration

    Allows for review, approval, and decision-making in remote collaboration mode to improve efficiency.

  • Simplified Deployment

    Provisions services upon registration to simplify deployment.

  • Reliability

    Adopts data encryption transmission and secure storage technologies and controls user rights to ensure data security.

Business Challenges
  • Low Management Efficiency

    The production execution is managed by file systems that are manually configured by personnel, resulting in low efficiency, slow response, and non-transparent processes.

  • Information Gap

    The production status and performance are not reported in real-time, resulting in delayed decision-making. Information about production personnel and devices cannot be obtained in real time, causing low efficiency of resource utilization.

  • Lack of Collaboration

    There is no unified cross-region management platform for business information such as production plans, status, monitoring, and decision-making, making it difficult to achieve efficient collaboration.

  • Prolonged Service Rollout

    It takes months to deploy a self-built system, with steps including bidding, procurement, deployment, commissioning, and service rollout. The prolonged process cannot meet requirements for fast service rollout.

Business Framework

Manufacturing MESaaS provides efficient, collaborative, and visualized intelligent production management and control services to implement all-around IT-enabled management during the product manufacturing lifecycle, which reduces production costs and improves enterprise competitiveness.

Solution Architectures


MES components and databases are deployed on the cloud, and workspaces are used as information terminals, facilitating high-speed information exchange throughout the data center. Enterprises only need to create accounts to enjoy MES services.


  • All-around services
  • Remote collaboration
  • Simplified deployment
  • Reliability
Recommended Services
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    Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) provides scalable, on-demand cloud servers for secure, flexible, and efficient application environments, ensuring reliable, uninterrupted services.
  • RDS for MySQL
    Relational Database Service (RDS) is a web service on HUAWEI CLOUD. It is reliable, scalable, economical, easy to manage, and ready to use out-of-the-box. With RDS, you can create a single instance, instances in high availability (HA) mode, and read replicas in a DB cluster.

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