Intelligent Meter Reading

Powered by NB-IoT technologies, the Intelligent Meter Reading solution provides optimized E2E cloud services such as an IoT platform, enterprise intelligence, application services, and security management.
Solution Advantages
  • Efficiency & Stability

    The Intelligent Meter Reading solution enables the connection of hundreds of millions of devices to support meter reading services, with stable and reliable high-concurrency message processing.

  • E2E Cloud Services

    A pre-integration system provides plug-and-play NB-IoT meters, network, IoT platform, and meter reading applications, facilitating quick service development and rollout.

  • Comprehensive Functions

    Meter reading statistics, single meter analysis, leakage and breakage detection, meter management, and alarm monitoring accelerate service innovation.

  • Open Architecture

    Extensive accumulated experience in chips, networks, and cloud services, open E2E IoT capabilities, and co-development with industry partners.

Business Challenges
  • Low Efficiency

    Traditionally, it takes a meter reader 2 to 5 minutes to record the gas or water usage of a household. Manual recording is slow and error-prone. In addition, meter readers may be unable to enter customers' homes. Resource usage violations or faults cannot be detected in time.

  • Lack of Integration

    Battery-powered intelligent meters are deployed in a centralized manner with unstable wireless connections. Enterprises have strict requirements for device standardization, low power consumption, and deep coverage. Meter reading systems involve multiple components, such as devices, transmission equipment, a platform, and applications.

  • Massive Data

    As intelligent meters start to collect and report service data, enterprises need to deploy a secure and stable IoT platform with hundreds of millions of connections and high concurrency processing capabilities. In addition, enterprises need to mine commercial value from massive user data to support refined operation and increase profit.

  • Lack of Innovation

    This solution enables enterprises to obtain and analyze usage data and meter status, enabling refined and intelligent O&M. Enterprises are faced with challenges in deploying innovative applications to improve efficiency, enhance user satisfaction, explore innovative service models, and capitalize on market opportunities.

Typical Scenarios
  • Intelligent Metering & Monitoring

  • IoT Platform

  • Big Data Analysis

  • Intelligent Applications

Intelligent Metering & Monitoring

With NB-IoT and cloud services, Huawei provides comprehensive cloud-pipe-device smart meter reading and pipe network monitoring solutions.

  1. NB-IoT

    NB-IoT is a 3GPP-standard LPWA IoT technology that features low power consumption, wide coverage, massive connections, and low costs. Huawei provides NB-IoT chips and works with industry partners to provide NB-IoT modules, which can be quickly transform common meters to intelligent meters. In addition, operators are widely deploying NB-IoT base stations in cities. Multi-party cooperation has established the trend of NB-IoT technologies in public utilities.

  2. E2E Cloud Service

    The E2E cloud service includes devices, an IoT platform, and metering applications, providing plug-and-play NB-IoT intelligent meters. The one-stop IoT platform allows for device integration and protocol adaptation and is compatible with meters of different brands and models, facilitating meter lifecycle management. In addition, the service integrates data analysis and mining, AI, and microservice architecture, provides in-depth business insight, and enables application development, fully unleashing IoT potential.

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IoT Platform

A secure and stable IoT platform allows for the connection of hundreds of millions of devices and high concurrency processing.

  1. Mature Technology

    A one-stop IoT platform integrates multiple devices and complies multiple protocols, allowing for hundreds of millions of connections and O&M-free service provision.

  2. Excellent Performance

    Enables real-time access of hundreds of millions of devices, efficient routing of massive data, tens of millions of concurrent reads and writes, and millisecond-level response, ensuring service quality and user experience.

  3. Security and Stability

    All cloud services are highly reliable and support smooth capacity expansion. The cloud security and cloud management service system implements security and operation auditing, and effectively defends against malicious external penetration and attacks.

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Big Data Analysis

Operations are refined based on Big Data analysis to provide in-depth insight into meter statuses and user consumption data.

  1. E2E Big Data and AI

    The E2E Big Data and AI services enable customers to analyze consumer behavior, detect pipe network leakage, and offload service pressure through data access integration, access, and modeling.

  2. Cost-effectiveness

    Full-stack Big Data analysis allows customers to select the most suitable data storage, query, and analysis architecture and solutions, decouple resources, and flexibly expand resources, greatly reducing the computing resources required for traditional Big Data analysis and AI model training. This leaves customers free to focus on service innovation.

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Intelligent Applications

Full-stack IaaS and PaaS resources drive service innovation centered on enterprise operations and value-added services.

  1. O&M Optimization

    Based on IaaS and PaaS capabilities such as full-stack computing, storage, database, container, middleware, microservices, and serverless computing, enterprises can perform data analysis and business modeling to implement more accurate and intelligent O&M, such as leakage & breakage monitoring, metering monitoring, and remote valve adjustment.

  2. Value-added Services

    Facilitated by intelligent meters and consumption data analysis, enterprises can create intelligent applications to provide Internet-enabled value-added services such as household energy consumption management, online payment, service outlet navigation, and inspection reporting.

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Solution Architectures


Based on NB-IoT technologies and cooperation with industry partners, HUAWEI CLOUD provides an IoT platform that connects to hundreds of millions of devices. Through scenario-based big data analysis and AI modeling training, enterprises can perform refined operations with intelligent meters and user consumption data. At the same time, cutting-edge technologies help enterprises quickly develop and launch applications, improving service operations and O&M efficiency and providing value-added services for users. HUAWEI CLOUD provides full-stack security capabilities, ensuring the smooth operation of customers' services.


  • One-stop cloud services
  • Comprehensive security design
  • Hundreds of millions device connection
  • Full-stack scenario-specific Big Data and AI capabilities
  • Flexible architecture selection
  • Open and easy-to-integrate architecture
Recommended Services
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