Smart Retail

HUAWEI CLOUD promotes retails' digital transformation by providing a comprehensive Retail solution for building both omni-channel online and offline solutions, integrating retail applications with rich big data, AI, and cloud services.
Solution Advantages
  • Secure and Reliable

    Provides comprehensive security protection assurances and assigns expert teams to protect your services and key events.

  • Service Neutrality

    Huawei does not touch applications or data, and advocates for full cooperation in the open ecosystem.

  • Enterprise Intelligence

    Upgrades your services with a wide range of intelligent retail solutions using Enterprise Intelligence (EI) provided by HUAWEI CLOUD.

  • Flexible and Efficient

    Uses a variety of cloud services to meet diverse requirements across different scenarios and provides elastic resources to help you easily handle pressure from high-concurrency requests.

Business Challenges
  • Changing Shopping Preferences

    With the rapid development of online retail options, fewer and fewer customers are shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. Retail enterprises must find ways to keep and attract customers in the new shopping model if they hope to thrive in the fierce competition.

  • Changing Marketing Strategies

    With the declining number of customers shopping at physical stores, traditional marketing strategies based around in-store promotions and special offers are no longer as effective.

  • Changing Business Models

    Traditional retailers focus their attention on goods and store operation. However, the shift in retail business models transforms the relationships between retail enterprises and customers, which requires retailers to make the corresponding changes.

  • Changing Market Relationships

    Price is no longer the only factor that determines the relationship between supply and demand. Increasing demand while cutting down on excessive production has become a key concern for retailers.

Typical Scenarios
  • Real-time Data Analysis

  • Intelligent Recommendation

Real-time Data Analysis

Facial recognition technologies able to analyze customer data in real time

  1. Real-time Customer Flow Distribution

    Updates customer flow distribution information every few seconds and distinguishes between customers and employees, providing a reference for service selection.

  2. Real-time Customer Flow Heat Map

    Keeps statistics on user density changes for different time periods, queries user density in regions, and counts the numbers of shoppers and bystanders, providing a reference to adjust the placement of popular goods.

  3. Online User Statistics

    Monitors the trends of users and members to improve ongoing marketing efforts.

  4. Ad Exposure and Visitor Statistics

    Analyzes ad views and clicks to trace the effect of ad placement and adjust key business in real time.

  5. Elastic Cloud Server

    Object Storage Service

    MapReduce Service

    Data Warehouse Service

Intelligent Recommendation

Machine learning services identify customer needs and accurately understand customer shopping patterns, realizing customer-specific precision marketing.

  1. Precision Marketing

    Implements precision marketing with highly accurate recommendations.

  2. Real-time Recommendations

    Uses industry-leading algorithms to produce recommendations in real time, quickly fulfilling customer needs and improving the shopping experience.

  3. Object Storage Service

    Deep Learning Service

    Data Warehouse Service

Solution Architectures


Provides retail enterprises with comprehensive cloud services such as IaaS, PaaS, AI, and Big Data. Integrates with ISV service platforms to help retail enterprises build omni-channel, intelligent business models.


  • Rich cloud services
  • Comprehensive security protection
  • Service neutrality
  • Omni-channel management
Recommended Services
  • Elastic Cloud Server
    Provides scalable, on-demand cloud servers for secure, flexible, and efficient application environments, ensuring reliable, uninterrupted services.
  • Data Warehouse Service
    Provides a scalable, fully hosted, and out-of-the-box data warehouse and manages, operates, and maintains all devices.
  • RDS for MySQL
    Provides active-passive architectures, supports MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, and gives you cost-efficient, high-performance, easy-to-use, secure, and reliable database services.

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