Solution Advantages


You pay only for services you use, instead of building your infrastructure to meet service peak requirements.

Speed and Agility

The infrastructure and resources you need for building your development and test environments can be provided quickly.

Flexible Scalability

You can scale up infrastructure and memory in the SAP BW system as needed.

Rich Services

Rich cloud services and end-to-end management services are available to meet various service requirements and lower your O&M costs.

On-Cloud Deployment
  • SAP BW Development

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides rich resource services, allowing you to easily deploy SAP BW applications on the cloud using the standard process provided by SAP and shorten the time for building new environments.

Operating Systems

Supported Operating Systems

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP
Recommended Configurations

ECS specifications for SAP BW

Flavor vCPUs Memory (GB)
h1.8xlarge.4 32 128
h1.4xlarge.4 16 64
h1.2xlarge.4 8 32
h1.xlarge.4 4 16

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