SAP on DeC

SAP on DeC provides you with dedicated resource pools on the cloud to physically isolate your resources. SAP on DeC perfectly suits medium- and large-sized enterprises that require high data security. You can apply for dedicated physical devices and exclusively use dedicated computing, storage, and network resources to ensure secure data isolation and stable service running.
  • Resource Isolation

    With physically isolated resources and networks, and locking and monitoring for isolated resource cabinets, you are not affected when other users use resources and access your network.

  • Strong Security

    HUAWEI CLOUD complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), has three decades of experience in enterprise security, and provides customized security solutions.

  • High Reliability

    Multiple-copy storage and physical data isolation facilitate security and reliability. DESS features HA, stability, and low latency. SAP on DeC ensures reliability with multiple schemes from which to choose, including local HA, backup and restoration, and disaster recovery.

  • Flexible Scalability

    ECSs, BMSs, DSS, and DESS in a DeC belong to a network. The DeC can communicate with ECSs and BMSs on the cloud to flexibly configure resources.

  • Exclusive VIP Maintenance

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides VIP customers with tailored 24/7 services manned by O&M professionals.

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