Small Internet-based Loans

The Small Internet-based Loans solution uses a wide range of HUAWEI CLOUD services to quickly establish a regulation-compliant, secure, and reliable small Internet-based loan platform that improves business management and risk control capabilities.
Solution Advantages
  • 360-Degree Risk Control Management

    Uses Huawei's big data services to implement risk control management throughout the loan process and credit lifecycle.

  • Service Neutrality

    Adheres to service boundaries without touching consumers' data, adopting target industry applications to local markets, or making entity investments. Ensures the independence of enterprises' operations and data.

  • Improved Experience

    Five lines can connect to BGP dynamically to ensure ongoing services. CDN acceleration is provided to improve users' shopping experience.

  • Compliance & Security

    Meets requirements for financial regulatory compliance and includes an extensive range of security services to provide comprehensive, high-level protection.

Business Challenges
  • High Security Risks

    Many cyber attacks threaten enterprises' security, including SQL injections, XSS attacks, DDoS attacks, and Trojan horses. Enterprises must meet increasingly stringent requirements for regulatory compliance.

  • Lack of Intelligent Decision-making Process

    Traditional credit systems require a large number of manual operations to handle service applications, assess risks, and make credit decisions. If data and service processes are not unified, loans cannot be fulfilled quickly and lending needs cannot be met.

  • Inefficient Risk Control

    Traditional credit systems cannot handle a variety of consumption and transaction scenarios, which makes it difficult to use scenario-specific historical data to support risk control decision making. This results in rigid guidelines for credit granting and poor lending efficiency.

  • Lack of Unified Management

    Enterprises with lending institutions in different regions require central management. However, traditional solutions that concurrently process online and offline data cannot update operational data in real time, making timely monitoring and management impossible.

Business Framework

Provides business systems that match small Internet-based loan processes for a variety of scenarios including employee loans, supply chain finance, commercial loans, lease installments, and consumer loans, improving business management capabilities. Establishes a big data risk control system using internal, external, and third-party credit investigation data to minimize business risks.

Solution Architectures


Uses HUAWEI CLOUD services to roll out small Internet-based loan systems, enable lightweight operations, and meet requirements for regulatory compliance and security. Employs ECS for on-demand expansion to support rapid business growth.


  • Compliant with financial security regulations
  • Comprehensive security
  • Ready for use out of the box
  • On-demand resource usage
  • Lower TCO
  • Elastic expansion for rapid growth
Recommended Services
  • Elastic Cloud Server
    Self-service, scalable cloud servers are available on demand so that you can build reliable, secure, flexible, and efficient application environments. These servers ensure that services are stable and consistent, and improve the efficiency of O&M.
  • Web Application Firewall
    Examines all HTTP/HTTPS requests to detect and block attacks based on massive traffic, ensuring that financial web systems are stable and secure and preventing data leakages.
  • Advanced Anti-DDoS
    Delivers over 300 Gbit/s bandwidth for Advanced Anti-DDoS data centers and provides single IP addresses with large bandwidths to defend against DDoS attacks from the network and application layers, ensuring the security of financial services.

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