Telemedicine enables doctors to provide more timely healthcare on rare or serious diseases, helps healthcare organizations expand scale. HUAWEI CLOUD provides flexible, reliable, and effective telemedical cloud services by streamlining medical resources at different levels.
Solution Advantages
  • Full-stack ICT Services

    HUAWEI CLOUD's full-stack ICT public cloud services meet the needs of the modern medical IoT and support data access and collection. They also support sustainable application development, testing, and deployment.

  • Comprehensive Information Security

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides customers with secure and reliable information systems, defends against malicious attacks, and ensures the security of medical data. HUAWEI CLOUD currently offers ten E2E security cloud services.

  • High-Quality Collaboration Platform

    HUAWEI CLOUD excels at high transmission speeds, display definitions, and accuracy. It provides the high-quality, professional-level collaborative working cloud platform required for telemedicine.

  • Reliable Information Integration and Access

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides competitive cloud services to industry partners and end users, including SFS, database services, and information integration services. Its information integration and sharing capabilities are perfectly suited for telemedicine.

Business Challenges
  • Non-Standard Charging

    Telemedical consultation is used for complicated, serious, and emergent diseases, and fees vary between hospitals. One hospital may charge 280 RMB for teleconsultation and 1,000 RMB for emergency teleconsultation. Another may charge 300 RMB for a pathology teleconsultation and 600 RMB per hour for a clinical consultation.

  • No Medical Insurance

    Telemedicine is not covered by public medical insurance, which covers different diseases in different regions, with differing reimbursement rates and technical interfaces. As a result, payment is a problem and there is no standard for dividing service fees between hospitals or proportioning payment between local and telemedical insurance.

  • Outdated HIS System

    The US market has shown that effective telemedicine requires high transmission speeds, high definition displays, and highly accurate professional-level video systems. Information sharing is also mandatory, but few vendors in China can provide related technologies that are mature enough.

  • Unbalanced Resources

    Tertiary hospitals are eager to use telemedicine because they want to improve their ability to treat rare or serious diseases and do research. An initial IT investment on teleconsultation is a must. However, many hospitals in less-developed areas cannot afford this expense. It is also unclear how benefits should be distributed between hospitals.

Typical Scenarios
  • Teleconsultations

  • Secure Medical Information Access

  • Online Medical Collaboration


Teleconsultations for complicated, serious, or emergent diseases require cooperation between hospitals, and in some cases may require the participation of experts from different countries. HUAWEI CLOUD provides comprehensive and elastic services for use in these situations, along with other core cloud services.

  1. ECS

    Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) allows you to obtain scalable cloud servers at any time to build a reliable, secure, flexible, and efficient application environment. This ensures that services remain stable and are not interrupted.

  2. SFS

    Scalable File Service (SFS) provides on-demand, scalable, and high-performance shared file systems for ECS. It supports NFS, a standard file access protocol, and allows users to seamlessly integrate their existing applications and tools without having to make modifications. Performance improves as capacity increases, which satisfies the requirements for medical image content management and directory services.

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Secure Medical Information Access

HUAWEI CLOUD provides E2E data transmission, storage, and cloud access security services (Anti-DDoS, WAF, VSS, HSS, DBSS, SSL Certificate Service, and DEW). It also includes SA, a service based on machine learning and AI, to protect sensitive medical information.

  1. VSS

    Vulnerability Scan Service (VSS) detects vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection, reflected XSS, and CSRF, at tenant sites. It helps prevent losses and data leaks by inspecting websites for vulnerabilities in advance and providing suggestions to improve security and prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities.

  2. SA

    Situation Awareness (SA) leverages Big Data mining and machine learning technologies to comprehensively analyze your security status and keep cloud servers safe.

  3. DEW

    Data Encryption Workshop (DEW) is a full-stack data encryption service. It covers Key Management Service (KMS), Key Pair Service (KPS), and Dedicated HSM. With DEW, you can develop customized encryption applications, and integrate it with other HUAWEI CLOUD services to meet even the most demanding encryption scenarios.

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Online Medical Collaboration

Telemedicine often requires online collaboration across regions or organizations to bridge patients and doctors and facilitate the acquisition of patient information. HUAWEI CLOUD supports cross-regional and cross-organization access to cloud services and medical information, permitting the establishment of a secure and reliable collaborative service environment.

  1. ELB

    Elastic Load Balance (ELB) automatically distributes access traffic to multiple cloud servers to expand the service capability of application systems and achieve a higher level of fault tolerance. ELB enables balanced using of the elastic computing server (ECS) to ensure high availability of applications.

  2. VPC

    Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an isolated virtual network environment on HUAWEI CLOUD. Users can configure sub-services such as IP address segments, subnets, and security groups, and apply for elastic bandwidth and elastic IP addresses to set up their service systems.

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Solution Architectures


1. Patients with complicated or chronic diseases can be checked and treated at community hospitals.
2. CT scans, MRIs and other imaging procedures can be performed at nearby imaging centers.
3. Experts can provide one-to-many telemedical diagnoses and consulting.
4. Patients can get periodical health checks, to help doctors track their diseases.
5. Professional chronic disease rehabilitation centers can provide high-quality cost-effective services.

Recommended Services
  • Scalable File Service
    Users can integrate existing apps and tools with SFS without modification. Performance improves as capacity grows, supporting content management for medical images.
  • Situation Awareness
    SSA leverages Big Data mining and machine learning technologies to analyze your security status, helping you accurately learn the security and build a security service system.
  • Data Encryption Workshop
    DEW is a full-stack data encryption service. You can use it with other HUAWEI CLOUD services to protect data.

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