Video Surveillance for Retail

The Video Surveillance for Retail solution provides access services for cloud video surveillance. In addition to monitoring situations, cameras used in the solution provide commercial-level mobile capabilities, remote management, and cloud-based intelligent analysis services.
Solution Advantages
  • Compatible with Mainstream Devices

    Works seamlessly with digital devices from popular vendors, supports ONVIF protocols, and allows for access from analog devices using DVRs.

  • Access from a Large Number of Users

    Assigns professional video teams to build distributed elastic platforms and support access requests from millions of users.

  • Three Security Assurance Approaches

    Supports device ID-based authentication code, binds accounts with devices, and provides 256-bit dynamic data encryption.

  • Low-bit-rate Transmission

    Transfers 720p HD video at bit rates ranging from 256 Kbit/s to 384 Kbit/s and enables video to be uploaded from multiple channels using 512 Kbit/s ADSL bandwidth.

Business Challenges
  • Difficult to Implement Unified Video Surveillance

    Poor video access across regions and carriers, insufficient bandwidth at stores, poor user playback experience when using different devices, local devices susceptible to damage, unstable remote video access.

  • High Store Inspection Costs

    Traditional store inspection requires dedicated staff or third-party companies to evaluate physical store status, which involves a large amount of staff and travel fees.

  • Inefficient Fraud and Loss Prevention

    Cashier data and surveillance footage are stored in different systems, which makes it difficult to index order recordings and implement fraud and loss prevention.

  • Lack of Big Data Support for Decision-Making

    Lack of consumer data (such as ages and genders) prevents decision makers from distinguishing loyal customers from ordinary ones.

Typical Scenarios
  • Video Surveillance for Retail

Video Surveillance for Retail

This solution is ideal for retail customers such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and clothing stores. It helps them lower management and end-to-end costs without having to build equipment rooms.

  1. Security Protection

    Provides chain stores with access services for cloud video surveillance, and unified video management, playback, and downloading, as well as facial recognition for anti-theft protection.

  2. Store Management

    Leverages a unified cloud surveillance platform to provide online management functions such as store management, intelligent store inspection, and online evaluation, greatly enhancing management efficiency while reducing operational costs.

  3. Consumer Analysis

    Uses management data, customer flow analysis, facial recognition, and big data analysis to provide decision makers with precise, efficient, and real-time data.

  4. Elastic Cloud Server

    Bare Metal Server

    Object Storage Service

    Direct Connect

    MapReduce Service

    Image Recognition

Solution Architectures


Huawei's video surveillance solution provides retail customers of all seizes with a complete lineup of video surveillance services and a one-stop cloud-based solution. It helps them quickly deploy services at a low price point and easily address the challenges of various service management scenarios with robust elasticity, solid reliability, high concurrency, and efficient security.


  1. Optimal Cloud Services

    Nationwide node deployment, cross-carrier support, and local + cloud-based storage efficiently ensure data security and enable remote DR for core nodes.

  2. Smooth Video Experience

    Commercial-level surveillance experience can be ensured even during network overload or congestion.

  3. Multi-device Support

    Users can watch surveillance video using mobile phones, PCs, or tablets at anytime from anywhere.

  4. Intelligent Analysis

    Unmanned detection, intelligent inventory, and other smart services are provided.

Recommended Services
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  • Direct Connect
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  • Object Storage Service
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